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Oki Joins the Secret Space Program

Spacecapn - joining the secret space program
Richard Dolan has written about the Secret Space Program at length. Captain Mark Richards, Randy Cramer, Andrew Basagio and others have asserted that they were part of it. Although he naturally denied it, even Obama is said to have been a member. Kerry Cassidy and numerous podcasts have discussed it. It has become an ingrained part of UFO lore and appears to be a growing business. 


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Perhaps you have read these heroic stories and want to fly to the stars and battle the Draco. This may be difficult to do, but there is no reason to let technicalities hold you back. If you can’t make it there in person, you can always create your own story and tell others about your adventures.  

Oki, a Canadian videographer, has long documented strange tales, including stories of gay frogs and the Paul Bennowitz matter, on his YouTube Channel.  He became interested in tales of
Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program — including those of our own Mark Richards — and decided to explore it in person by infiltrating James Rink’s Super Soldier Talk

It might be noted that supersoldiers are not necessarily members of the SSP.  They may be genetically altered or enhanced to fight terrestrial battles or serve as assassins. Some supersoldiers may be werewolves or other creatures. Others emerge as assassins only in a dream state.  The two groups, though, have much in common and often are part of the same conferences.

Readers of this site may have seen links to Rink’s interview with Jo Ann Richards, where we learned that Mark served on the highest levels of the Republican National Committee.  More recently, listeners can learn of slave labor in the SSP,  hear a report about retrieving tech from the Draco, or enjoy tales from a fleet commander of the Galactic Federation Starship Garion. Documentation is not required to be a featured experiencer on his site. It is enough to be able to recall “past life and future life memories.”

The secret space program wants youRink states he served off-planet for over 330 years. Apparently many projects use re-aging or time compression to allow service over extended periods. It is undoubtedly how Randy Cramer was able to serve on Mars for 30 years and be able to return to this time frame only seconds after he left. The SSP lore, however, varies depending on the source and need not be consistent.

Oki cited the story of Germans who split with Hitler and used alien technology to create bases in space, where some military abductees (MILABS) were forced to join as either officers or slaves.

Other narratives focus on being recruited into the program to serve on Mars or battle aliens using advanced weaponry.  Mark, for instance, was almost born into the program as part of his family lineage and flew a biological spaceship (Minerva) and other advanced craft while working in alliances with Raptors and other alien races.

Oki developed his own story but needed more to get on the show as a whistleblower.  To call attention to him, he went to Rink for hypnotic memory regression as part of the MILAB recovery network. Soon after he met Rink at an SSP conference and was interviewed there about his experience with Kevin Spacey’s clone and fighting vampires.

Oki is of course best at telling his own story. His compatriot NightDocs released a follow up video, How I Became Space Jesus, describing the experience at the SSP conference and what happened after Oki’s video was released.  They went to the conference so you don’t have to go. Trust us — there are some events that are better not to attend.

Undoubtedly Oki could have build a second career on his experiences in the SSP.  Others have done it.  But he notes that most of the people who appear on Rink’s show are not the elite superstars of the supersoldier or the SSP world. They may tape an interview and never be seen again unless you seek them out.   

Rink was upset with Oki’s video. YouTube restricted it to adults and demonetized it.  Perhaps Corey Goode, David Wilcox and other grifters should be demonetized instead. 

Discover what happens when Knowledge Fight and QAnon Anonymous examine the Secret Space Program.  The show covers Gary McKinnon, our own Mark Richards, David Wilcock, and links with QAnon — all with their usual humor.



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Space capn year in review

Another Year in Review 


Space capn - another year in review
Wombo – The Investigation App of the Year

It was a momentous year for this site since we moved from Google, rewrote and added several new articles before launching our blog.  But now it’s time to take the traditional look back and highlight the best of 2021. Read below to find out who won the coveted Mark Richards award.

Although much of the news seemed to be taken up with whatever Lue is up to, the recent bill to study UAPs, or the efforts to raise John Kennedy Jr. and bring him to Dallas, there were other interesting developments that deserve recognition. Our own list included some who are particularly important to this site, in reverse order:

5.  The Rise and Fall of Añjali

If it had not been for Añjali, the Kennedy story might have won honors for the Best Nonevent of the Year. Añjali had a style of her own, beginning with her press conference to announce an expedition to a tunnel in the Mojave to meet alien beings by the end of 2021. This catapulted her to fame as she appeared on several podcasts and captured the hearts of those who long for the days when space aliens wanted world peace and to help humanity transcend to higher levels.

Añjali press conference - another year in reviewThe story had a dramatic undertone since Añjali made clear that the “save the humans” faction on the galactic Council had lost the majority and if we did not transcend soon we were destined for the planet Orion. If you questioned her too hard she was likely to block you —apparently the higher beings were sensitive to criticism.

In the spirit of democracy, Añjali added a UFOTwitter representative to the team that she was going to take to the desert. She began a poll to determine who was going. The late Stanton Freeman had to decline his spot in the poll for obvious reasons.

Then things got even more interesting. People began to track down Wayne, who built the desert tunnel. Some tried to contact him and reportedly were told that he knew nothing about an expedition. Another person made up evidence about their investigation to try to get Añjali to admit her story was made up. Añjali maintained that people had gotten the wrong Wayne. If my conclusion about him is correct, I am disappointed that his land is not truly in the Mojave.   

In any event, Wayne thwarted the higher beings and brought their credibility into question by refusing permission for an expedition into his tunnel. Although Añjali “liked” my Twitter suggestion to meet with the aliens at Giant Rock or the Integraton, the beings apparently were insistent that it was all or nothing. It turned out to be nothing as Añjali canceled her plans to meet with the Council and announced that the end of the world is scheduled for 2027.

I suspect that Añjali will continue to speak for the aliens as a quasi-spiritual leader. Perhaps she should team up with David Wilcox and take the Ascension – Transcendence show on the road. But there are issues to resolve. After the aliens assured us that the time had come for the Great Reveal in the tunnel, it’s apparent that they don’t know more than anyone else.

To be fair, the Council was not the only one to suffer a setback. The competing Federation’s plans to initiate first contact were postponed because humanity was not yet ready — it’s hard to disagree with that. The sheer scope of Añjali’s flameout, however, makes her nonevent stand out as she even ended up losing the newcomer award. The mass migration to Orion in 2027 might qualify for a future nonevent but there may be other things to think about by then.

4.  The Prophecies of Sean David Morton 

Sean Morton was a shoo-in for the Comeback of the Year. Morton has had his share of problems. Although he has called himself “America’s Prophet” he has demonstrated a singular inability to realize the outcome of his actions. Through it all, however, he persevered.  

In 2003, Sean sued the UFO Watchdog for libel after they exposed his many lies — he lost and was ordered to pay attorney’s fees. Morton was also surprised when the Securities and Exchange Commission brought a civil case against him for fraud. In 2013, the judge ordered him to pay $11.5 million. In 2016, he was found guilty in criminal court for 51 counts of IRS fraud. Morton failed to appear for sentencing and went on the lam but was eventually taken into custody.  He was sentenced to six years in prison with a $480,322 restitution fine.

Morton was released in January 2021 but soon returned to prison. He was finally released on August 27, 2021. 

Sean - another year in review - adventures of captain mark richardsIn an interview with Kerry Cassidy following his release, Morton stated that he had received a prophecy that he would face prison and profound hardship. He would then emerge and give light to the world while marshaling the forces of good — acquiring fabulous wealth in the process. He predicted that a collision of two supernovas on June 1, 2022, will usher in a period of financial collapse and that eventually humanity would have to fight against the AI.  

If nothing else Sean has been resilient. He was a guide at Area 51. When that was no longer as profitable he became a prophet. Somewhere along the way he acquired the title of “doctor.” Immediately before his arrest he was lecturing to sovereign citizens as a self-proclaimed Constitutional Law scholar. It did not take long for Sean to emerge from prison and resume where he left off, seemingly without skipping a beat. 

Presumably he could pay off his fines when he comes into his fabulous wealth but that remains to be seen. We are not even certain he will pay back people like Kerry who lost money in his schemes. For now his return is yet another comeback by America’s Favorite Fraudster.™

3.  The Death of Guru Jagat and the Rise of Pastel QAnon

When Katie Griggs (Guru Jagat) died in August 2021, she had been in the vanguard of a movement that combined new age yoga and self help with the politics of QAnon. She was friends with Kerry Cassidy and spoke about reptilians in language that might have been taken from David Icke. That kind of thinking has been dubbed Pastel QAnon  — a mixture of anti-vaxx, self care, and conspiracy thinking — and its importance has not diminished in the wake of Griggs’s death.  She won a posthumous Golden Trump Award over a concerted effort by Richard Dolan and Cassidy herself.

As the pandemic spread, Griggs said that “the reason why we’re being told to stay home, that we’re actually in some kind of alien war.”  Within a cultish practice it can be difficult to challenge such statements. It is important to note, however, that there are other voices that relate their practices to larger concerns for peace, the environment, and justice. That may ultimately be a more important development.

2. Disclosure Remains on Hold

Disclosure - another year in reviewDisclosure is a perennial favorite and it never fails to disappoint. This year a bookie lowered the odds of alien contact from 200/1 to 20/1.  But sometimes you need a scorecard to keep track of the players. It was also the year that Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project warned against Lue Elizando and false disclosure. As we have written, if disclosure does not happen on your terms, it isn’t disclosure.

The Day Before Disclosure Award always is interesting. Danny Sheehan deserves an honorable mention for his efforts to reinvent himself within the UFO community after the Christic Institute’s lawsuit to expose the CIA and Iran-Contra spectacularly fell apart. At last report he was serving as Lue’s counsel. Richard Dolan already claimed a lifetime achievement honor so he was not eligible. This year, then, by acclaim the winner is Leslie Kean with the number two spot on our list.

Kean’s embrace of UFOs in the New York Times and other media helped reclaim UFOS as something to be studied.  It did not matter that her resume included mistaking a fly for alien craft, accepting the dubious Rendlesham story and championing the paranormal. There is a direct line from the media explosion to Congress establishing yet another office to investigate the issue. Disclosure is now the topic of the day,

The field is still open for next year.  If you are disappointed that Añjali did not lead an expedition you can pay Greer at minimum $2500 for his expedition to get the latest disclosure updates and learn how to contact ET civilizations. Such things suggest that disclosure is right around the corner . . . if not next year, then the year after that.  

1.  The Cabal is Defeated

The year is not even over and we came upon this stunning news from Michael Salla which wins the Yearly News of the Solar System Award.  

We had to update this page to add a new award.  I am not certain who is a member of the Cabal and if it is different than the Bilderbergs. No comment is necessary as this is a clear winner.  

Rejoice!  Someone should organize a parade.


Another year in review - the cabal loses



The Captain Mark Richards Award

Mark richards 1977This award is based upon our favorite life prisoner, the Story of Captain Mark Richards and the Kerry Cassidy Interviews with him. As such it may be unfair to recognize Kerry Cassidy, but no one tries harder than her. In the past year, she called Mark a “National Treasure,” cited his warnings about AI, and bemoaned that Mark was not given compassionate release because he would then bring amazing disclosure. Mark is not eligible for compassionate release but it did not deter her from complaining.

Since Mark is one of her most important whistleblowers, Kerry’s constant efforts to enlighten us should also be noted. This year, reliable sources told her that the Chinese communists had crossed the northern border to occupy a camp in Michigan. Similarly, her sources told us the southern borders were under attack. Juan O Savin was her favorite choice for being JFK Jr, and despite Juan’s consistent failures she remained loyal to him. She eventually confirmed that there are two Juans, just as she had suspected, so we should not get confused if one of them does not play out.

This site wondered if Mark Richards would emerge as a voice of reason, as Kerry went ever deeper into QAnon and its related branches. Before Kerry declared that the Trumps were her favorite people, Mark had warned that Donald was controlled by aliens and Melania was their communication device. Perhaps Kerry has gone too far for even Mark to fully accept – we learned that Mark is not a Trump supporter and affirms that JFK Jr. is no longer alive. Still, Kerry continued to respect him — it is the kind of loyalty that deserves to be rewarded with the present honor. 

Kerry ended the year by stating that the vaccinations will create trans-humans and that we should prepare for an android invasion. Who can compete with that?


01/02/22 update

Flying saucer

Captain mark richards - wombo art about mark richards

Wombo Art About Mark Richards and Friends

Captain mark richards - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Mark

Jason Colavito tweeted art that was created through Wombo Dream, an artificial intelligence app that uses keywords and various styles to generate art.

It got me thinking.  Captain Mark Richards, Sean Morton, and Kerry Cassidy have all warned about the dangers of AI, so what kind of art could be created through Wombo using keywords associated with some of the denizens this site. Perhaps this is all that is necessary to understand the saga.

Wombo Lavvy (Anjali’s ET Friend); Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot; Sean David Morton; Minerva, the biological spaceship flown by Captain Mark Richards; conspiracy pundit Simon Parkes; Raptor Prince Nagadraconis (Naga) — Firstborn of the Imperial House of Dark Claw; Hamilton Field Avro Base where Ellis Richards flew our own saucers to meet Raptors; our own Captain Mark preparing for the Battle of China Gates.


Lavvy in anjali’s tunnel. Wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Lavvy

Kerry cassidy - project camelot - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Kerry

Fraudster sean david morton - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Sean

Captain mark richards flying minerva. - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Minerva

Simon parkes - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Simon

Nagadraconis - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Naga

Hamilton field avro base - adventures of mark richards
Wombo Hamilton Avro Base

Captain - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Captain

Bonus Material: Wombo reveals all.  For those who doubt the story of the Aztec NM flying saucer crash; the Dulce underground base where Mark himself will tell you that he freed abductees; the reality of Area 51; or Skinwalker Ranch — the special Wombo Dream investigation app offers conclusive proof that is at least as convincing as most YouTube videos or cable tv shows.  Is the app the most important tool to emerge?


Aztec ufo crash - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Aztec Crash

Secret dulce base - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Dulce

Area 51 - wombo art about mark richards
Wombo Area 51

Skinwalker ranch - art about mark richards
Wombo Skinwalker Ranch
Captain mark richards interview by kerry casdidy

The Future Interviews

The future interviews with captain mark richards

Captain Mark Richards of the secret space command rose to fame largely through his interviews with Kerry Cassidy that were eagerly awaited by many. It has been awhile since we have heard from Mark and even his wife, Jo Ann Richards, has not provided any updates on her blog. In his absence, we have volunteered to fill in for Mark. This information is unverified intel from the usual secret sources.[1] We have no actual knowledge of what Mark might be thinking so this article is unbridled speculation that is well within the norms set by UFOTwitter.


Undoubtedly Mark would speak about AI, the vaccine, and other topics that are close to Kerry Cassidy. Based on our discernment we believe that he would also provide information on the following:

  • The Orion War between the Raptors and Draco (Interview 9) continues.The Raptors are our allies. Draco wears the black hats. Since we have not been invaded by Draco, it appears the war has gone well. However, Añjali tells us that the earth will end in 2027 and humans who are not prepared to transcend to the next density will reincarnate on the planet Orion. It is therefore important to resolve the conflict as soon as possible. A peace conference will be held near Alpha Centauri.


Orion relocation agency -
Ad sponsored by the Earth-Orion Relocation Agency.  A project of the Transcendence Alliance . 


  • The chocolate shortage threatens to upend relations with at least 35 different species.  We know that Raptors and other aliens will kill for chocolate. (Interviews 1, 7.) The ramifications of this is enormous for interplanetary relations since no other planet can grow cocoa. The next war will be about chocolate. Mark has been asked to coordinate earth’s defense, which prison authorities will allow as long as he is back before roll call.
  • Trump is controlled by aliens and his wife operates as a direct link to alien races. (Interview 8). His primary contact is with the Grays. He never got along with the Raptors because they were smarter than him. Mark is surprised that Kerry considers Donald and Melania to be her two favorite people. (Project Camelot website.) Mark has not yet met with Juan O Savin to warn him about Trump’s controllers.
  • Mark does not believe that Juan is JFK Jr or that Kennedy will appear in Texas. According to Mark’s sources, Kennedy was assigned to go off planet where he serves as an ambassador to the Virgo sector. He cannot return to earth under the terms of the Phoenix Interstellar Treaty conference protocols.
  • The war in Afghanistan was about controlling inter-dimensional portals. The United States agreed to withdraw after secret talks with the Taliban in the basement of the Vatican resulted in a new agreement. (See Third Interview) The portals were turned over to International Security (IS), which Mark’s father ran until his death.  IS is now located in Yucaipa, California, but Mark cannot say more than that due to secrecy limitations.
  • Mark has no idea what Simon Parkes is talking about.
  • Britain remains under the influence of a Luciferian group and as long as the present Black Dragon Queen rules this is unlikely to change. (Interview Five.) Brexit entrenched the Queen’s reign but Scotland and Ireland have been resisting, allying with the Red Dragon. The world darts championship  is likely to contain many coded messages about this.  

Scheduling the next interview with Kerry is problematic because prison visitors must present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. (CDCR Covid Update, 7-27-21.) Cassidy of course refuses both these measures because she believes that the vaccine is a bioweapon that uses AI and Tesla tech to change our DNA. She thinks that the tests are a massive assault on our bodies. (See Project Camelot Portal.)

Kerry’s position is clear: “I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO AN AI … REGARDLESS OF WHO IT SUPPOSEDLY SERVES!  I reserve the right to question all who would try to shape my world.” (Portal, Stand and Deliver, 11-19-2021.)  

A future interview is unlikely unless Covid restrictions change. Until one is conducted this site will continue to monitor the situation as a public service and add new topics for discussion based on current intel and reader contributions.  

(11/27 update)

Flying saucer

Kerry doubles down on two juans

Kerry Cassidy Doubles Down


Kerry cassidy doubles down on two juans
Juan Doubles Down, Too.

Kerry Cassidy has been busy, attending the “Double Down” event in Las Vegas with multiple Juan Savins and filling her time with reports of invasions and vaccination drama. Even the “Captain,” Mark Richards, was used as an authoritative source.  Among the highlights at Project Camelot, Kerry writes:


  • UPDATE:  10.26.2021.  I just had it confirmed by an impeccable source that there are 2 Juans…just as I thought.. . .

  • The following is from a source with close ties to the US militia… trusted have known him for years…They got the following from a source at the border as the article says… DEVELOPING…—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot. 10/23/2021

UPDATE AS OF 10:00AM PT I am getting some intel saying that no small town has been taken over by the cartel but we need to confirm this.  It may be the situation on the ground is fluid and could be changing by the hour….  working to confirm details of the story below.NOTE:  DETAILS CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT ARE UNCONFIRMED.DATE: 22-10-21
SUBJECT: Invasion of souther US/Texas border




  • JUST AS I HAVE been talking about for years.. and this is also what the real covid19 agenda is about for those who survive….as Mark Richards says what they want is a race of passive supersoldiers…. 


  • In this book they are constructing a device in the secret space program in Romania and working with the American secret space program who have done the same thing however their devices had some important differences.  It is worth noting that one does not need a “device” to double and travel in the ether.  I do this “doubling” all the time…it seems to be some strange ability I acquired when I was very young.  I believe we all have these abilities.  


  • have said numerous times NANO jumps… it “flies” and is not stopped by the blood/brain barrier.  I have this from yes, Cyrus Parsa,  but before that Captain Mark Richards and then more recently from another independent and unrelated source:  a high level scientist who works for NASA.  

With respect to COVID19 the scientist mentioned above said the spike proteins attach themselves to the nano and jump… from thing to thing and person to person.  Mark Richards used the example of a modern car with an AI engine that could also jump from the street onto a military base, infect the computers, toasters and other electromagnetic things… 

These clips speak for themselves. 

Juan Savin, a conspiracy monger with a failed track record, talks about Red October and holds an event in Las Vegas.  Kerry believes that there are two Juans, one of whom is JFK, Jr.  I would not want to double down on that bet, although I look forward to the DNA test to prove it.  Until then, I’m sticking to my own predictions.

When it finally dawned on Kerry that her trusted source might be wrong and there was no invasion of the United States, she posted on Facebook that 120,000 Armed Invaders are at the Border.

She repeated Simon Parkes’s claim “that the US will be invaded by three flanks in a pincer move on the southern border, totaling 120,000 troops – and that we may very well see a firefight today.”

“They’re being armed by the cartels, whose leaders are telling them that this is ‘an invasion of the United States.’  Simon says that the border state governors have ordered National Guard troops to come down and that he says that Patriots at the Pentagon will send troops the border, regardless of what the Biden administration says .”

I think Kerry needs new sources. Two Juan’s are not better than one – the military does not recognize that Trump is president and how many times can you claim that he will be restored before you lose your credibility?

Simon Parkes is the only one who makes Juan Savin look trustworthy.

Maybe she should leave the Pleiadians to Billy Meier.  And the jumping nanos are another Covid vaccine conspiracy that unfortunately might keep the virus going if people believe it to be true and do not get vaccinated.  Perhaps she made one too many trips time traveling and doubling down into the ether.

Instead of these stories I recommend interviewing Mark again to get to the bottom of what the reptilians are doing to the supply of chocolate.

Some news reports have been received that various chocolate bars, particularly European brands, may face trouble with their supply chain.  A skilled investigator like Cassidy should recognize this as fake news, a cover up for offworldly raids on chocolate.  There are undoubtedly false flags that need to be exposed. After all, Captain Mark Richards has said that the Raptors will do anything for chocolate.


Flying saucer

Kerry and sean benefitting

Sean David Morton Freed

Just in time to save the world and accumulate fabulous wealth

Morton freed in time to save the world
In Happier Times

On August 27th, Kerry Cassidy interviewed Sean David Morton upon his release from federal custody. Morton stated that he had once received a prophecy while he was in India that he face prison and would go through a period of profound hardship.  He would then emerge and give light to the world while marshaling the forces of good — acquiring fabulous wealth in the process.  

Given Morton’s track record for dishonesty and fraud – including a civil judgment by the SEC and a prison sentence, I would not hold my breath waiting for this to happen or trust any method he has for gaining wealth. Somehow Morton’s own wealth seems to take precedence over anything else.   

There are some things we might agree with, including his opinion of George Noory and the treatment of prisoners, but whether his unified field theory offers a breakthrough or if he can remotely view the future are other matters.  

Morton cites a prophecy, allegedly by the theosophist Madame Blavatsky, that a Death Star will appear in the wing of a swan. He that that two supernovas have collided and will appear on June 1, 2022, as bright as the moon — astronomers have predicted that a binary star explosion in Cygnus may occur in 2022 (give or take a year) but we will hold him to the date. It will usher in a period of destruction. During the following years Pluto will cross into 27° Capricorn causing financial collapse as it repeatedly goes retrograde. AI and robots will be the dominant force as Pluto moves into Aquarius.  

According to Morton, Putin urged the United States to release information about aliens, including two races that are actively seeking to destroy us. In one of his books, we have joined the war against the galactic federation, which wants to imprison us on earth.  

Where are Mark Richards and Prince Naga when we need them?  

Mark Richards Not Freed

Although deconstructing Morton’s claims is beyond any article that I might consider, it is Kerry Cassidy’s statements about Mark Richards that are more immediate to this site. During a break in the interview while Sean took a call, Kerry stated:

We’re talking about political prisoners. Captain Mark Richards would have a saga of similar things happening to him. He has never been given compassionate release although he is well over 60 — actually closer to 70 now — so they should have already given him compassionate release. He is a political prisoner that they won’t let out because they don’t want him to talk to the people.

Juan O Savin and other people are aware of his case.  Word had come down from a reliable source [Simon Parkes – ed.] that the Trump administration was planning to release Mark Richards.  When that happens then you will get disclosure like you won’t believe — unless they make him a deal in which he says nothing.

As this site has explained, Trump had no constitutional power to pardon or release a state prisoner. He could not have released Mark under any scenario, which should call into question her “reliable source.”

It is also important to note that compassionate release is not available for prisoners such as Mark, who are serving a life sentence without parole. (Cal. Penal Code, §  3550.)  If Kerry is the journalist that she claims to be, she should have known that.

Perhaps more importantly, Cassidy’s assumptions could confuse listeners about the program and does no one — particularly prisoners — any good.  Mark’s age has nothing to do with it. If somehow Mark was somehow made eligible for parole, compassionate release is rarely granted.  It is only available to prisoners who are terminally ill and have six month or less to live. Even then it is usually denied. (See Compassionate Release Information, Prison Law Office.)  

Her underlying assumption that Mark is a political prisoner has no basis. Mark was not tried and sentenced because he claimed to be a space captain. If he is being held because the state does not want him to talk to the people, a life sentence is not an effective way to accomplish that.  He has given  13 interviews  with Cassidy and his wife has often spoken on his behalf.  Mark has not been silenced  

Kerry Cassidy Plays The Fool Card

Morton freed - trump holds the card
Image: TheGhoulishGarb

Kerry also gave a brief encapsulation of her QAnon beliefs and Trump.  She states that Trump has been pressured by the mob and “Jewish bankers” — billionaires — to change his mind about vaccinations.  He was blackmailed. Information about “pedos” in the government had been hidden in Miami, near where Ivanka lived, and suddenly it was destroyed in the building collapse. The collapse was a shot across the bow and a warning to Trump. According to Kerry, this is what Trump is fighting. 

After the Kennedy Assassination the white hats developed a code system based on the tarot and numerology — Kerry believes the tarot is better but “whatever works for you.”  It is how Trump communicates in code and signals without words. Trump was sworn in by the military on September 13 but the Deep State has forced them to go to a roundabout way to show that the election was stolen.  

No comment is necessary since Kerry presents no basis for rational discussion.  We have entered the realm of a religion where facts do not matter. But really, Jewish Bankers? Perhaps she is the one who needs compassionate release from something within, but in the meantime she again promised a Mark Richards book.


Flying saucer

Inclusion - gorightly book

Inclusion - gorightly book


An excellent interview with Adam Gorightly covers a number of topics from his book, Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius, that bear upon this site.

Neither Mark Richards or Kerry Cassidy is mentioned, though. I had to wonder if felt left out. Here was a book that featured many of the major players and discusses the Dulce story that brought Mark much of his initial attention, yet his contribution to the mythos surrounding that was ignored. What more could they do to warrant inclusion?

There may have been good reason for skipping over Mark’s version of the Dulce story, which is said to have been written for the Joint Chiefs.  Part of the problem might be that Mark had to rewrite the story in his report to place himself at the center of the events, territory that Phil Schneider had already claimed.

Schneider took the original story given to Paul Bennewitz and said that he was drawn into the firefight with aliens due to his role as a geological engineer at the base.  He did not mention a Delta Force raid led by Mark and Ellis Richards. By the time Mark wrote his story it had already been revealed and was even further removed from the central characters.  It was at least a third generation telling.

Then, there is that murder . . . It’s not easy for Mark to find relevance while serving a life sentence. People have to seek him out and the path often goes through Kerry Cassidy. His narrative was dismissed by the time that he spoke about the reptilians love of antiques and other matters that Kerry drew out of him.

As to Cassidy, she is at best an acquired taste who adds little substance in understanding the subjects presented by Gorightly. Although she has a following with Project Camelot and her conferences, she remains on the fringe and is not the main event for most people looking at ufology. She may be more popular with QAnon than anywhere else.

Their absence is understandable. Still, it’s similar in a way to what many of us felt about certain government files. I never wanted to check them too carefully because if I did not get a mention I would be left wondering what more could I have done? I would have felt left out.  Perhaps it’s the same for them.

Gorightly’s book is excellent and entertaining.  Don’t let the absence of Kerry and Mark discourage you.  It is recommended.

Flying saucer



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“I get that Mark Richards was confronted on his blatant honesty, and when that meeting occurred, he basically voiced some expletives and told them he wouldn’t be hushed or lie.  He felt the people had a right to know what he knew, and didn’t hold back.  He couldn’t be controlled, and as a consequence he was framed for a murder as both a punishment and a warning to others, while trying to pose the question of credibility in people’s minds.” – Psychic Focus Lynn

Those who have read the Nearly Famous Quotes on this site are familiar with Lynn. The full quote compares Mark to Corey Goode and Randy Cramer, who pale in comparison. Mark could not be controlled and told the government and “PTW” that the people had the right to know.  The others had been subject to influence and moderation.  

Another ringing endorsement!

One comment stated that a link was cut in a youtube video relating to the Mark Richards question, “so that should tell you something.” It does indeed.

Psychic focus lynn on mark richardsPerhaps because Lynn did not pick up that Mark was never a Captain, she consistently gave him high marks. In another post she wrote:

“I still see that there is truth to his story, and during an interview he spoke from the heart. Not only is he sharing information, I hear the phrase that ‘he just doesn’t give a — anymore, and after what they have done, he will share everything.’ There is most definitely an angry and frustrated side to him.”

Serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole would leave most people angry and frustrated, so this was understandable.

However, since Mark claims to have trained with the Raptor Imperial Fleet, should he be concerned about Lynn’s statements about them? To her the raptors “look to be the most malicious in terms of ruthless behavior and trying to reclaim earth for their own interests.” Corey Goode echoes this and warns that Raptors are incredibly dangerous.

This deserves further thought.  What is Prince Naga trying to hide?  

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Conspiracy Culture


“What we need to do as science educators, journalists and historians is to educate the public — not necessarily on the specifics of each and every case but on the rules of evidence, the burden of proof and how experts come to an understanding of what something is or what it could be. That’s a difficult task. It’s a lot easier to say, “Could be aliens,” or “Maybe not aliens,” than to say, “There are a range of possibilities. Some are more likely than others.”

– Jason Colavito, Salon, 6-21-2021

Further adds a link to an article in the New Republic by Jason Colavito exploring the connection with UFOs and right wing conspiracies. Although Colavito does not mention the cast of characters that are discussed here, it is important to understand the rise of this movement.  

Conspiracy culture personified - behold a pale horse blog
Cover – Behold a Pale Horse

Right wing conspiracy and UFO culture have never been entirely separate. The far right ideas of William Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) and the early Patriot movement were embraced by many in the UFO world and are still influential — although Cooper eventually rejected the UFO portion of his ideas. That connection has grown through a common idea that there is a secret body of knowledge that explains how the world really works, which is being hidden from the public.  

The idea of a secret group has long been part of the basic stable of the UFO conspiracy culture. NICAP grew out of the belief that the military had secret knowledge. From the far end of the scale, George Adamski promoted the idea of a silence group that kept the secrets of alien contact hidden from the public. Today, Richard Dolan and others promote the idea of a secret breakaway civilization. Meanwhile, disclosure advocates offer the hope that soon everything will be revealed.  

It is not too far of a stretch to move from a UFO conspiracy to the idea that a secret cabal could have political or economic control. This has become even more problematic as consistently darker UFO conspiracies push the boundaries further. It is one reason why belief in UFOs is subject to manipulation. (See Adam Gorightly, Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius.)

For some, the conspiracy itself is what is important. Once that path is taken, it is only a small leap to embrace any number of things. As Tucker Carlson said in 2016, in light of Trump’s improbable success could other things be true?  In light of his defeat, the improbable has taken on new meaning for many. There are those like Carlson or Juan Savin who weave even more tales to move their followers even further to the right

Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot have long echoed the belief that “insiders” can explain what happening in the world and virtually every event is a false flag. This led her to Mark Richards. This also led her deeper into the world of Q and she has gone far beyond the earlier interviews with Captain Mark Richards to embrace Trump, Melania, and Savin –  a belief in the restoration of the Trump dynasty because they could not have been wrong about it from the beginning.

We may return to that topic in future articles, but Trump is a strange pick if you are against the either New World Order or the vaccine. Trump has claimed credit for the vaccine being developed under Operation Warp Speed and he promoted a world order based solely upon his profits and power. So what does Kerry and the conspiracy culture see in him?

As shown in The Dreams of Kerry Cassidy , there has been changing positions taken by Mark Richards over the years with respect to Trump. Was Mark simply going along with Kerry? If Kerry truly believes that Mark is a space captain and respects him as a whistleblower, does Melania’s role with the reptilians give her pause? Will Mark emerge as a voice of reason — or do Kerry’s recent articles simply make him appear to have been more reasonable than he ever was?


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Cat people

Cat People


“While en route to the asteroid Vesta, which is between Mars and Jupiter, for a peace conference with aliens, [Mark’s]  ship encounters an unknown alien cat-like species and experiences a ‘first contact.’ These beings use a singing language, can fly, and were friendly to Mark and his crew.”

Jo Ann Richards, Knights of the Cold War

We were considering various tales of space captains and were struck by the similarities of story lines between Captain Science and Captain Mark Richards. Both met the Cat People. We provided an addition to the Funnies with only a small comment but the subject deserves a few more words. 

Cat people. The adventures of captain mark richardsCat people are a recurring theme. Mark met the cat people while fighting the Trogs on Vesta. In the Captain Science adventure, the cat people are from Phobos. We are not sure where Simon Parkes encountered them, but he has stated that he has done so.  As far as I know, Captain Aura Raines has not met them.


Mark Richards states that there are four races of cat people but they are detached from human affairs.  

The idea of Cat People is certainly not unique and over the years they have been associated with a number of different genres – horror films, erotic thrillers, and comedy. Perhaps there is something about cats and their relationship to humans, an archetype that gives rise to such imagery. However, could it also be that the mysterious nature of cats holds galactic secrets?  Most cats consider themselves superior to humans and once were worshipped so it is possible they know more than they are saying.  Either that or they are psychopaths.


Cat people - similar to the ones mark richards met on vesta

OncomingStorm12th/Tardis Fandom

Captain Mark Richards has said that the Cat People introduced the idea of a cat goddess to Egypt and Mesopotamia. If this is true them it is also possible that modern cats have some alien DNA and are watched by other beings. In any case, it is good practice to be nice to cats, especially the ones who can fly spacecraft.

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