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The Trap of Disclosure 

The Trap of DisclosureIt is a popular topic in Ufology, but ultimately the trap of disclosure makes it hollow.

Captain Mark Richards states that disclosure has been delayed but that many of the alien races want it so they can openly do business.  

Steven Greer, Richard Dolan, and others have made a living speculating about it or offering its promise.

NICAP called for disclosure in the 1950s. Anjali offers the hope for the ultimate disclosure.  

Every year is said to be the year of alien disclosure. Yet, what is being on contemplated?

Disclosure first of all asserts that there is something to disclose.  Perhaps that is a given. If there is nothing to disclose the UFO industry would be out of business. There would be no need to attend conferences, listen to podcasts, pay for webinars, or buy books.  

Yet, how do we know if disclosure has taken place?  The Air Force’s release of a report about Roswell, identifying the crash as a balloon, did nothing to assure believers. The Preliminary Assessment on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon  did not resolve anything. Some countries have opened their UFO files, but the demand is always for more. 

At its most basic level, disclosure will only happen when information is released that confirms existing theory or bias. People will not accept disclosure that contradicts what they want disclosed. The Day After Disclosure is easy to imagine.

Proponents of the Secret Space Program will want to confirm that there are bases on the moon and Mars – or battles against aliens. As Corey Goode stated, Mark Richards would want to be acknowledged as a captain and released from prison.

Roswell enthusiasts would demand disclosure documenting a saucer crash and retrieval. Area 51 researchers might not be satisfied unless there was an unguided tour and they saw the plans to develop our own technology based on element 115. If the government acknowledges the grays, others would want to know about the mantids or nordics.  Anything short of the holy grail of what pundits expect would be dismissed as incomplete disclosure.

Ultimately, disclosure is about meeting the aliens, but even then people would be debating what is the hidden alien agenda.

Related to this is that people would ask what else there is to disclose and advance new speculation about that. There would be new conferences to explain what was revealed and what might still be open to speculation.  Some would assert that disclosure was simply a device to lull us into a false sense of security.  We already see that kind of debate.

If nuts and bolts are offered, others would want the psychic material.  Disclosure of aliens in this sector of the galaxy would demand information about time travel, alternate universes and dimensions, or other similar topics. The industry would continue – the only difference might be if there are actual aliens to give a seminar.  Would some disclosure advocates complain about competition?

Ultimately, there is no such thing as disclosure. People have too much invested in offering inside information, complaining about secrecy or advocating for disclosure to be satisfied by whatever is revealed. The UFO Industrial Complex has grown way beyond it all.

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Behold a Pale Horse - Spacecapn Blog

Conspiracy Culture


“What we need to do as science educators, journalists and historians is to educate the public — not necessarily on the specifics of each and every case but on the rules of evidence, the burden of proof and how experts come to an understanding of what something is or what it could be. That’s a difficult task. It’s a lot easier to say, “Could be aliens,” or “Maybe not aliens,” than to say, “There are a range of possibilities. Some are more likely than others.”

– Jason Colavito, Salon, 6-21-2021

Further adds a link to an article in the New Republic by Jason Colavito exploring the connection with UFOs and right wing conspiracies. Although Colavito does not mention the cast of characters that are discussed here, it is important to understand the rise of this movement.  

Conspiracy Culture personified - Behold a Pale Horse Blog
Cover – Behold a Pale Horse

Right wing conspiracy and UFO culture have never been entirely separate. The far right ideas of William Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) and the early Patriot movement were embraced by many in the UFO world and are still influential — although Cooper eventually rejected the UFO portion of his ideas. That connection has grown through a common idea that there is a secret body of knowledge that explains how the world really works, which is being hidden from the public.  

The idea of a secret group has long been part of the basic stable of the UFO conspiracy culture. NICAP grew out of the belief that the military had secret knowledge. From the far end of the scale, George Adamski promoted the idea of a silence group that kept the secrets of alien contact hidden from the public. Today, Richard Dolan and others promote the idea of a secret breakaway civilization. Meanwhile, disclosure advocates offer the hope that soon everything will be revealed.  

It is not too far of a stretch to move from a UFO conspiracy to the idea that a secret cabal could have political or economic control. This has become even more problematic as consistently darker UFO conspiracies push the boundaries further. It is one reason why belief in UFOs is subject to manipulation. (See Adam Gorightly, Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius.)

For some, the conspiracy itself is what is important. Once that path is taken, it is only a small leap to embrace any number of things. As Tucker Carlson said in 2016, in light of Trump’s improbable success could other things be true?  In light of his defeat, the improbable has taken on new meaning for many. There are those like Carlson or Juan Savin who weave even more tales to move their followers even further to the right

Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot have long echoed the belief that “insiders” can explain what happening in the world and virtually every event is a false flag. This led her to Mark Richards. This also led her deeper into the world of Q and she has gone far beyond the earlier interviews with Captain Mark Richards to embrace Trump, Melania, and Savin –  a belief in the restoration of the Trump dynasty because they could not have been wrong about it from the beginning.

We may return to that topic in future articles, but Trump is a strange pick if you are against the either New World Order or the vaccine. Trump has claimed credit for the vaccine being developed under Operation Warp Speed and he promoted a world order based solely upon his profits and power. So what does Kerry and the conspiracy culture see in him?

As shown in The Dreams of Kerry Cassidy , there has been changing positions taken by Mark Richards over the years with respect to Trump. Was Mark simply going along with Kerry? If Kerry truly believes that Mark is a space captain and respects him as a whistleblower, does Melania’s role with the reptilians give her pause? Will Mark emerge as a voice of reason — or do Kerry’s recent articles simply make him appear to have been more reasonable than he ever was?


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