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Another Year in Review 


Space capn - another year in review
Wombo – The Investigation App of the Year

It was a momentous year for this site since we moved from Google, rewrote and added several new articles before launching our blog.  But now it’s time to take the traditional look back and highlight the best of 2021. Read below to find out who won the coveted Mark Richards award.

Although much of the news seemed to be taken up with whatever Lue is up to, the recent bill to study UAPs, or the efforts to raise John Kennedy Jr. and bring him to Dallas, there were other interesting developments that deserve recognition. Our own list included some who are particularly important to this site, in reverse order:

5.  The Rise and Fall of Añjali

If it had not been for Añjali, the Kennedy story might have won honors for the Best Nonevent of the Year. Añjali had a style of her own, beginning with her press conference to announce an expedition to a tunnel in the Mojave to meet alien beings by the end of 2021. This catapulted her to fame as she appeared on several podcasts and captured the hearts of those who long for the days when space aliens wanted world peace and to help humanity transcend to higher levels.

Añjali press conference - another year in reviewThe story had a dramatic undertone since Añjali made clear that the “save the humans” faction on the galactic Council had lost the majority and if we did not transcend soon we were destined for the planet Orion. If you questioned her too hard she was likely to block you —apparently the higher beings were sensitive to criticism.

In the spirit of democracy, Añjali added a UFOTwitter representative to the team that she was going to take to the desert. She began a poll to determine who was going. The late Stanton Freeman had to decline his spot in the poll for obvious reasons.

Then things got even more interesting. People began to track down Wayne, who built the desert tunnel. Some tried to contact him and reportedly were told that he knew nothing about an expedition. Another person made up evidence about their investigation to try to get Añjali to admit her story was made up. Añjali maintained that people had gotten the wrong Wayne. If my conclusion about him is correct, I am disappointed that his land is not truly in the Mojave.   

In any event, Wayne thwarted the higher beings and brought their credibility into question by refusing permission for an expedition into his tunnel. Although Añjali “liked” my Twitter suggestion to meet with the aliens at Giant Rock or the Integraton, the beings apparently were insistent that it was all or nothing. It turned out to be nothing as Añjali canceled her plans to meet with the Council and announced that the end of the world is scheduled for 2027.

I suspect that Añjali will continue to speak for the aliens as a quasi-spiritual leader. Perhaps she should team up with David Wilcox and take the Ascension – Transcendence show on the road. But there are issues to resolve. After the aliens assured us that the time had come for the Great Reveal in the tunnel, it’s apparent that they don’t know more than anyone else.

To be fair, the Council was not the only one to suffer a setback. The competing Federation’s plans to initiate first contact were postponed because humanity was not yet ready — it’s hard to disagree with that. The sheer scope of Añjali’s flameout, however, makes her nonevent stand out as she even ended up losing the newcomer award. The mass migration to Orion in 2027 might qualify for a future nonevent but there may be other things to think about by then.

4.  The Prophecies of Sean David Morton 

Sean Morton was a shoo-in for the Comeback of the Year. Morton has had his share of problems. Although he has called himself “America’s Prophet” he has demonstrated a singular inability to realize the outcome of his actions. Through it all, however, he persevered.  

In 2003, Sean sued the UFO Watchdog for libel after they exposed his many lies — he lost and was ordered to pay attorney’s fees. Morton was also surprised when the Securities and Exchange Commission brought a civil case against him for fraud. In 2013, the judge ordered him to pay $11.5 million. In 2016, he was found guilty in criminal court for 51 counts of IRS fraud. Morton failed to appear for sentencing and went on the lam but was eventually taken into custody.  He was sentenced to six years in prison with a $480,322 restitution fine.

Morton was released in January 2021 but soon returned to prison. He was finally released on August 27, 2021. 

Sean - another year in review - adventures of captain mark richardsIn an interview with Kerry Cassidy following his release, Morton stated that he had received a prophecy that he would face prison and profound hardship. He would then emerge and give light to the world while marshaling the forces of good — acquiring fabulous wealth in the process. He predicted that a collision of two supernovas on June 1, 2022, will usher in a period of financial collapse and that eventually humanity would have to fight against the AI.  

If nothing else Sean has been resilient. He was a guide at Area 51. When that was no longer as profitable he became a prophet. Somewhere along the way he acquired the title of “doctor.” Immediately before his arrest he was lecturing to sovereign citizens as a self-proclaimed Constitutional Law scholar. It did not take long for Sean to emerge from prison and resume where he left off, seemingly without skipping a beat. 

Presumably he could pay off his fines when he comes into his fabulous wealth but that remains to be seen. We are not even certain he will pay back people like Kerry who lost money in his schemes. For now his return is yet another comeback by America’s Favorite Fraudster.™

3.  The Death of Guru Jagat and the Rise of Pastel QAnon

When Katie Griggs (Guru Jagat) died in August 2021, she had been in the vanguard of a movement that combined new age yoga and self help with the politics of QAnon. She was friends with Kerry Cassidy and spoke about reptilians in language that might have been taken from David Icke. That kind of thinking has been dubbed Pastel QAnon  — a mixture of anti-vaxx, self care, and conspiracy thinking — and its importance has not diminished in the wake of Griggs’s death.  She won a posthumous Golden Trump Award over a concerted effort by Richard Dolan and Cassidy herself.

As the pandemic spread, Griggs said that “the reason why we’re being told to stay home, that we’re actually in some kind of alien war.”  Within a cultish practice it can be difficult to challenge such statements. It is important to note, however, that there are other voices that relate their practices to larger concerns for peace, the environment, and justice. That may ultimately be a more important development.

2. Disclosure Remains on Hold

Disclosure - another year in reviewDisclosure is a perennial favorite and it never fails to disappoint. This year a bookie lowered the odds of alien contact from 200/1 to 20/1.  But sometimes you need a scorecard to keep track of the players. It was also the year that Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project warned against Lue Elizando and false disclosure. As we have written, if disclosure does not happen on your terms, it isn’t disclosure.

The Day Before Disclosure Award always is interesting. Danny Sheehan deserves an honorable mention for his efforts to reinvent himself within the UFO community after the Christic Institute’s lawsuit to expose the CIA and Iran-Contra spectacularly fell apart. At last report he was serving as Lue’s counsel. Richard Dolan already claimed a lifetime achievement honor so he was not eligible. This year, then, by acclaim the winner is Leslie Kean with the number two spot on our list.

Kean’s embrace of UFOs in the New York Times and other media helped reclaim UFOS as something to be studied.  It did not matter that her resume included mistaking a fly for alien craft, accepting the dubious Rendlesham story and championing the paranormal. There is a direct line from the media explosion to Congress establishing yet another office to investigate the issue. Disclosure is now the topic of the day,

The field is still open for next year.  If you are disappointed that Añjali did not lead an expedition you can pay Greer at minimum $2500 for his expedition to get the latest disclosure updates and learn how to contact ET civilizations. Such things suggest that disclosure is right around the corner . . . if not next year, then the year after that.  

1.  The Cabal is Defeated

The year is not even over and we came upon this stunning news from Michael Salla which wins the Yearly News of the Solar System Award.  

We had to update this page to add a new award.  I am not certain who is a member of the Cabal and if it is different than the Bilderbergs. No comment is necessary as this is a clear winner.  

Rejoice!  Someone should organize a parade.


Another year in review - the cabal loses



The Captain Mark Richards Award

Mark richards 1977This award is based upon our favorite life prisoner, the Story of Captain Mark Richards and the Kerry Cassidy Interviews with him. As such it may be unfair to recognize Kerry Cassidy, but no one tries harder than her. In the past year, she called Mark a “National Treasure,” cited his warnings about AI, and bemoaned that Mark was not given compassionate release because he would then bring amazing disclosure. Mark is not eligible for compassionate release but it did not deter her from complaining.

Since Mark is one of her most important whistleblowers, Kerry’s constant efforts to enlighten us should also be noted. This year, reliable sources told her that the Chinese communists had crossed the northern border to occupy a camp in Michigan. Similarly, her sources told us the southern borders were under attack. Juan O Savin was her favorite choice for being JFK Jr, and despite Juan’s consistent failures she remained loyal to him. She eventually confirmed that there are two Juans, just as she had suspected, so we should not get confused if one of them does not play out.

This site wondered if Mark Richards would emerge as a voice of reason, as Kerry went ever deeper into QAnon and its related branches. Before Kerry declared that the Trumps were her favorite people, Mark had warned that Donald was controlled by aliens and Melania was their communication device. Perhaps Kerry has gone too far for even Mark to fully accept – we learned that Mark is not a Trump supporter and affirms that JFK Jr. is no longer alive. Still, Kerry continued to respect him — it is the kind of loyalty that deserves to be rewarded with the present honor. 

Kerry ended the year by stating that the vaccinations will create trans-humans and that we should prepare for an android invasion. Who can compete with that?


01/02/22 update

Flying saucer

It’s a wrap - yucaipa

It’s a wrap!  


Before UFO Twitter leaves the Añjali story behind, it should be noted how the narrative changed from the great Contact in the Desert Tunnel Experience™ to how the higher beings are going to wrap things up in 2027.   


It’s a wrap for añjali


I know that Añjali has shifted the blame to the sun. “The Sun, our conscious star, naturally produces this cyclical change”  Her stories often change, however, and she previously stated that the ‘end the experiment with humans’ faction had the majority vote in the Galactic Council: “The remaining three members on the council are outnumbered, and humanity’s days are numbered in this era.” If we didn’t transcend it could be too late. She is rivaling  Ed (the Killshot) Dames for coming up with ways that the world will end. 

At one point Añjali stated that the beings had communicated with others.  Is she the only one who was told such momentous news?

I can understand it if nature got tired of what humans are doing to the planet and decided we needed to go the way of the dinosaurs.  We do not need help from the sun or the Council end up there.  We can get there on our own – the appropriate response is not to transcend to a new density but to change this one.

Añjali goes beyond that.  Presumably her followers will transcend and leave the rest of us to incarnate on the planet Orion.  Although I am not entirely sure what that means, it’s not hard to imagine an end result on the earth for those who follow her –  Heaven’s Gate has many similar themes, including the warning about a recycled earth.  I hope it does not come down to that but the higher beings are unpredictable.

Breaking News!!

According to a reliable source, Captain Aura Raines of the Clarian Fleet received information that the Galactic Council was trapped in a tunnel and could not attend a meeting in the nearby Mojave desert. Under the rules of the Exeter Interstellar Treaty Conference the Clarians were obligated to attempt a rescue. No further information is available at this time.

It’s a wrap - aura contemplates rescuing the council

Añjali states that the beings have given us until 2027 to transcend. Yet these are the same ones that assured her things were on track for the great reveal in the tunnel: “The beings would not lead me back there only to fail.”  That did not work out so well. It appears that they don’t know more than anyone else. If the higher beings are not providing accurate information she needs to find a better source.  

All of this means that she has several things in common with Ed Dames – most notably she has not provided any evidence and has been consistently wrong, requiring her to change the story. This year again has proven that the more you are wrong, the more people will pay attention to you. At bottom, Añjali wants people to listen to her.

Although she has given us entertaining moments, she ignored advice about not setting dates. Dates have been the downfall of those who predict the apocalypse or other disasters. Unless the situation gets better than this, it’s time to think about other things. 

If you feel sad about missing the Tunnel Experience™ you can always find another reason to go to Yucaipa.  The arch seeks to revitalize the area and there are several good hiking trails. But if you go there, either physically or virtually, there is no reason to contact Wayne or fly drones over the town’s trails.  That story has played itself out.

Perhaps the higher beings are tricksters who are part of a game to see who is the next hide and seek champion. There is no better place to hide than a tunnel. The oddsmakers are predicting that Lavvy – Añjali’s friend from the higher realm – might win this year.


It’s a wrap - yucaipa

  Added: Ultimately Añjali had no information on the important things, such as the aliens love for antiques and chocolate. When will Captain Mark Richards make a comeback?
11/22 update

Flying saucer

A hard day

A Hard Day


A bad day for believers
QAnon Waiting in Dallas

It was a hard day for the fringe.  First, John Kennedy Jr. did not show up in Dallas after a QAnon faction predicted that he would appear and join Trump to become Vice-President (until he became the ruler in his own right). Then, Añjali postponed her planned expedition to lead a group into a Mojave tunnel to meet the alien Council, providing scientific proof of their existence so humanity could transcend into a higher density. Neither result was surprising.

The Return of Kennedy Jr.

Even Juan Savin (Wayne Willott) – Kerry Cassidy’s leading candidate for the Kennedy role – did not come to Dallas. Cassidy believes that there are two Juan Savins, including JFK Jr., but if neither came, is there anyone to appear in his stead?

Since the Rolling Stones were playing in town that night, some people suggested that they perform Symphony for the Devil in honor of the event. Ironically, if Kennedy had appeared it would have been similar to the predictions of evangelical Christians concerning the Antichrist, a strange position for those who often proclaim themselves to be patriots who have faith in both God and Country. The Antichrist is said to reveal himself after seemingly returning from the dead to lead a troubled world and rebel against God. Under the QAnon belief, we would have all joined the band to play 666 (apologies to Larry Norman).  For those who have faith, Q is the mark of the beast.

In any case, the fixation with JFK Jr. is one of the more interesting developments. He was supposed to reappear before the last election.  That failure apparently did not discourage those who came to Dallas   B

Still, why should Qanon have all the good fantasies?  There is absolutely no reason why Kennedy would run with Trump.  What if he returned and followed the family tradition as a liberal Democrat or announced that had become a socialist?  



Añjali announcement.


Añjali broke into public view when she announced that she would meet the alien Council before the end of the year.  She claimed that three years before she had been invited to meet aliens in a desert tunnel.  Now she was going to lead a team to return to the tunnel and document the reality of the higher alien beings, to help humanity transcend. Her only credentials were her former role as an intelligence officer. Other than that, she only had her story  and people’s willingness to believe.

Some interviewers such as Jimmy Church had cast the time frame as a make or break event. Añjali affirmed that it would happen as scheduled. After blocking many of her critics, she started a Twitter poll about who should accompany her team. In the interests of transparency, it should be noted that this blog was not in the running for the Mojave meeting – although we visit the desert whenever there is a chance.  

From that point it should have simple – show us the aliens. She had no other proof. She never identified any team member. She did not establish the type of scientific tests that would establish the validity of her beings.  She apparently took no steps to arrange for the tunnel or an expedition.  She simply made an announcement , based in part upon experiences were confirmed or recovered after hypnosis sessions with Barbara Lamb, during which Añjali realized more of her destiny, going back to another world of Orion. There is no reason to trust any of this.[1] Lamb has achieved notoriety for a number of things, including introducing claimed alien hybrids at a UFO conference. As Jack Brewer explains in the UFO Trail, hypnotic regression is not a valid way to discover one’s personal history or establish the truth of an event, which is … Continue reading


Añjali realizes she has an “elevated consciousness”, and had a past life on the planet Orion. She chose to be deployed on Earth to be a mouthpiece for the higher beings. Her job on Earth is “to help prepare humanity for contact and for movement into a higher density.” – Charlie Wiser, Time Line from The Three Dollar Kit


Añjali should not enjoy any presumption of credibility unless she brings back actual evidence – a photographic record of her encounter, alien DNA, scientific witnesses and data, or ultimately an alien itself.  She did not need to make an announcement to do that, and it only got in the way of anything real she might have wanted. Yet, her story sparked interest because she promised so much.

People put themselves into the role of believers or debunkers but there was hardly anything to debunk and less to believe.  It is then that the real drama began.

Some in UFO Twitter decided to look at her story deeper and concluded they had found Wayne, who owns the land where the contact was to take place. It was not difficult to find a likely individual. One person reportedly had pictures of Añjali taken by Wayne, who knew nothing about an alien tunnel. A drone over his property near the Mojave allegedly did not find a tunnel that might lead to an alien base. It turned out that some of the photos posted by Ryan Gordon (Orion Adventures) to disprove Añjali’s story had been taken from the AllTrails site and had nothing to do with the events at issue. Other information about his interactions with Wayne were similarly doubtful.

Añjali responded that they had got the wrong Wayne. She stated that no one could have pictures because none were taken. Twitter was left in a “he said she said” situation and no one looked good. We believe we know who Wayne is, but there was no reason to take matter further. If anything, the attacks by some the critics made her look sympathetic.[2] Ryan issued an apology of sorts that did not come to terms with the way he fabricated evidence, while blaming Añjali for misleading researchers. While that may be true to some degree, he actively misrepresented things and seemed to trying to bluff her with false … Continue reading

In any case, her Wayne is said have cancer and wanted privacy, without the drama that the announcement had created. He refused permission for her to use his land and return to the tunnel where contact with the alien beings had first occurred. The meeting with the aliens was canceled or postponed.   

Given the likelihood of contact at a base in a tunnel, it is little wonder that it was postponed, but if she was genuinely being guided by higher powers should Wayne stand in the way to prevent transcendence?  

Solving a Problem

Añjali states that she will meet with her team to seek a solution. This blog helpfully suggested that she hold her meeting with the Council at Giant Rock, the scene of George van Tassel’s flying saucer conventions. The Venusians are said to be familiar with the property and no one lives there. The logistics should not be hard, but in the alternative she could rent the nearby Integraton for the day.  

Van Tassel had built the Integraton at the direction of aliens to give immortality – rejuvenation, antigravity, and time travel. It was never completed and equipment disappeared after his death. It is now used for “sound baths” since the building has remarkable acoustics. It is also actually in the Mojave, which somehow seems netter than the tunnel. What better place to meet the Council? Problem solved. This site will even pay the rental cost if her team and the aliens commit to being there, as long as I can come along. 

The integraton pictured in 2018


Añjali has stated that the aliens have been communicating with others. Perhaps we could all meet at the Integraton.

Her story has been interlaced with her spiritual message of transcendence to a higher density. She states there are aliens coming who want to end humanity’s existence and those who do not transcend will not make it.  Language has been holding us back so we have to find other ways of communicating. I probably am stuck in lower densities since I never have been a good mediator, but it seems to me that there is not much there apart from new age rhetoric.

Although Añjali’s history includes psychedelic and psychic experiences, she has insisted that her contact was real. It then comes down to the aliens – the proof of higher beings. Until that happens there is little more to be said apart from the drama on Twitter or Reddit.

Magical Thinking

Both events share a common theme of magical thinking and show how easy it is to mistake wishes for reality. The idea often comes down to the importance of belief. If you want it hard enough and proclaim it to be true, it might happen. The announcement is more important than the reality. If things don’t work out, there is always Plan B. Even some of the critics are not immune from that.

Both events also ignored a fundamental rule – never set dates.  

How many times have people predicted the return of Christ, UFO disclosure, astounding Roswell slides, a kill shot such as that advanced by Ed Dames, the restoration of Trump, or other world shattering events, only to see the day come and go? Sometimes the event is reinterpreted, sometimes it is simply ignored as proponents move on to other things.  It is often left to the follower to resolve the confusion.  

In the ancient world such failure had serious consequences since you were identified as a false prophet. Today we rely on people’s forgetfulness and the promise the next story.

(Updated 11-8)

  Flying saucer

The galactic federation - asher

Which Galactic Federation or Galactic Conspiracy?


Aliens and the new world orderDuring a recent interview, the convicted felon and serial fraudster Sean David Morton talked about one of his books in which humanity must fight against the Galactic Federation, which would keep us bound to this prison planet. Meanwhile he stated that there are at least two alien races that are our direct enemies.

The galactic federation - asher
The internet sensation Añjali, offers a different view. She has announced an expedition to meet representatives of the Council in a desert tunnel and believes that they offer people a higher consciousness.[1] For the purpose of this article the, differences between the Council and the Galactic Federation may be in name only.      


Other descriptions seem to equate the Federation with peaceful intentions and back Añjali’s view. Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief refers to the Galactic Federation and states that “they have been waiting until today for humanity to develop and reach a stage where we will understand, in general, what space and spaceships are.”

Then too there are the messages from Ashtar and the Galactic Federation that speak about peace and the new age.  It is a tradition that both Aura Raines and Aura Rhanes uphold.

Competing Visions — or Not

It can get complicated. Sean Morton’s version of the Federation seems more in keeping with tales are of abduction and the type of stories told by Mark Richards.  Between the evil AI and world disasters, Morton ultimately takes us to where QAnon mixes with his own prophecies about the dangers of the coming world and the fabulous wealth that is allegedly due him. The stories are a combination of personal aggrandizement and predictions about global tribulations. 

Añjali purports to take us back to the Space People, where world peace will be found by raising consciousness from the lower densities. She seems poised to assume assume her self-described role as a messenger or mouthpiece from the Council.

If Sean is right, Añjali has been duped like an old story from the Twilight Zone where the devil tried to fool people by luring them with false fronts depicting beautiful gardens. In that story, the hero was saved because dogs were not welcome by Satan.  Perhaps Añjali’s expedition should include a dog.

Of course both Morton and Añjali are tied to apocalyptic visions.  Añjali warns that if we don’t transcend, we will face dire consequences.  The wheat will be separated from the chaff. Those who don’t transcend will be be reborn to the planet Orion.  With both, the threat of disaster is always looming so perhaps their differences are more like a good cop-bad cop routine than a fundamental disagreement  

Galactic federation, aura raines, and añjali


ln either case, we enter the realms where religion mixes with science fiction. Even though they may emphasize different parts of an equation, Morton and Añjali share fundamental things. They both ask us to accept their own grandiose visions. They are both at the center of their own creations.  Both are forms of escapism.

Set The Right Goals

Perhaps we don’t need either cosmic conspiracies or help from the space beings to raise consciousness or survive catastrophes.

If Añjali is in contact with other beings I would recommend that they start out smaller than global transcendence.  As I posted on Twitter:

I am not sure we need cosmic knowledge as much as a little help with the fires, a solution for climate change, and a message that we should get vaccinated and wear a mask. We can figure it out from there.

Perhaps also the higher beings could also help the Tule Elk in Point Reyes. Over the long run, anything beyond that might not be needed.

Similar thoughts might apply to Morton’s prophecies and failed predictions. Sean’s visions did not keep him out of prison and they are unlikely to help us do the work that is at hand.  

We do not need a facade that purports to give a window into the future when there are immediate concerns that we know about in the present. Humanity already knows enough about what we face.  If we don’t have the will to do it, it will take more than a prophecy or a meeting with aliens.  

Flying saucer


A quick stop at. Venus

Venus Revisited and Other Contact 

“When I asked him where he was from, he replied, ‘I am from the Planet that is called Venus.’I asked him how many visitors from Venus were presently on Earth and he said, ‘There are presently seventy seven of us walking among you in the United States. We are constantly coming and going.'”

Frank Stranges, Stranger at the Pentagon

I recently posted more information on the 
Quick Stop At Venus  page relating to the USS Eldridge and claims by Mark Richards involving the legendary Val Thor. Mark says he met a woman from Val’s group. I wonder if it was either Jill or Vice Commander Teal — in either case, if I had met her I would have had a thousand questions to ask.

There are at least 20 books allegedly written by Thor or approved by him through forwards. Gray Barker (New Saucerian Press) not surprisingly had his hand in most. Topics range from relationships to Mount Shasta or advice about how to cast out demons. It is quite the legacy. I hope Val got the royalties due him.

Why Venus?  Perhaps it’s imagery as the Morning Star and it’s prominence in the sky made it stand out as a place where contact originated. For whatever reason, it overshadowed Mars and the other planets with those who contacted the Space People. Buck Nelson took a trip to both Mars and Venus and “Cedric Allingham” said he met a Martian. But Venus stands out. Although no one could compete with Orthon and Valiant Thor, there was certainly many more Venusians that might have been mentioned.

Valiant Thor has the most enduring interest.  He stands out in many ways.  Unlike many space beings, he went directly to the top rather than contact people who were relatively unknown. He might have actually said the famous line, “Take me to your leader.”  Why would a Venusian choose to make contact with an Ozark farmer (Buck) or even a person who fancied himself as a teacher of Tibetan wisdom (George)?  

Still, we are compelled to give a nod to Vivenus Starchild, another favorite Venusian who brought cosmic messages of peace and ran for President in 1968 as a write-in, arguing that it was not too late to vote for God. Vivenus toured the United States and gained some attention before disappearing. 

Vivenus starchild singing

The role of Venus changed.   Modern stories about contact do not focus on the planets and as Venus lost its prominence.  In general, the tales became darker.  Abduction rather than contact became the standard. 

A few years later, Travis Walton’s 1975 story of UFO abduction attracted much more attention. He still appears at UFO events or is featured on various media.  His story has either been upheld as the gold standard of the scenario or dismissed as a hoax.  

Vivenus was probably a better guitar player than Val but we wonder how she might have compared to Travis Walton. What became of her — does anyone still have one of her record’s?

The controversy around Travis has been renewed following statements made by some who were involved in the original story. Excellent research has been done by Charlie Wiser at the Three Dollar Kit.Robert Sheaffer covers further developments as Walton supporters (including Jimmy Church) seek to avoid inconvenient facts. The hoax theory has gained considerable ground but Walton has a following.

Venus revisited and abduction reconsidered
Jimmy Church and Travis Walton (Twitter)

Recently, however, a contactee named Añjali  has emerged with a new claim of meeting the Space People in the Mojave desert. She states that she was invited into a tunnel where she met higher beings from a galactic Council. They were expecting her.  Now they are leading her to again have physical contract to prepare the world to transcend into the next density.

Añjali held a press conference describing her experience and world view, along with plans to assemble a team to return to the desert by the end of the year to document the contact.  Her beings come from somewhere beyond Venus, but in many ways she reminds me of Vivenus — perhaps without the guitar — and we may return to this tale if there actually is an expedition. For now it is enough to note that the Space People are still said to be with us.  Perhaps we have gone full circle.  

The world might be more in need of help from beyond than it was when the Space People first tried to help. Añjali is posed to take advantage of  a desire for outside help — but to what end?  Where else other than the Movaje would such contact take place? And does Venus fit into her story?  

Flying saucer