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Random thoughts on the world of Captain Mark Richards and friends – including Kerry Cassidy, Juan Savin, Añjali, and the not-so-secret Secret Space Program. Notes and news with a little bewilderment. Not affiliated with the “Captain.”


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A hard day
November 5, 2021

A Hard Day

A Hard Day   QAnon Waiting in Dallas It was a hard day for the fringe.  First, John Kennedy Jr. did not show up in Dallas after a QAnon faction predicted that he would appear and join Trump to become Vice-President (until he became the ruler in his own right). Then, Añjali postponed her planned expedition to lead a group into a Mojave tunnel to meet the alien Council, providing scientific proof of their existence so humanity could transcend into a higher
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Kerry doubles down on two juans
October 31, 2021

Kerry Cassidy Doubles Down

Kerry Cassidy Doubles Down   Juan Doubles Down, Too. Kerry Cassidy has been busy, attending the “Double Down” event in Las Vegas with multiple Juan Savins and filling her time with reports of invasions and vaccination drama. Even the “Captain,” Mark Richards, was used as an authoritative source.  Among the highlights at Project Camelot, Kerry writes:   UPDATE:  10.26.2021.  I just had it confirmed by an impeccable source that there are 2 Juans…just as I thought.. . . The following
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Kerry cassidy. . . Again
September 5, 2021

Kerry Cassidy Again

Kerry Cassidy Again.   Kerry Cassidy again shows on Project Camelot that she is determined to prove that there is no conspiracy too far fetched for her to pass up. Her ability to recycle old conspiracies or create new ones is perhaps not that unusual in QAnon, but does anybody surpass her in the way she makes pronouncements? Image: Southern Poverty Law Center First, Cassidy reposts a false report (dated September 2) that there is  “Chinese Training at Camp Grayling –
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The galactic federation - asher
September 1, 2021

Galactic Federation or Galactic Conspiracy

Which Galactic Federation or Galactic Conspiracy?   During a recent interview, the convicted felon and serial fraudster Sean David Morton talked about one of his books in which humanity must fight against the Galactic Federation, which would keep us bound to this prison planet. Meanwhile he stated that there are at least two alien races that are our direct enemies. The internet sensation Añjali, offers a different view. She has announced an expedition to meet representatives of the Council in a
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Kerry and sean benefitting
August 30, 2021

Morton Freed – Kerry Cassidy Explains Things

Sean David Morton Freed Just in time to save the world and accumulate fabulous wealth In Happier Times On August 27th, Kerry Cassidy interviewed Sean David Morton upon his release from federal custody. Morton stated that he had once received a prophecy while he was in India that he face prison and would go through a period of profound hardship.  He would then emerge and give light to the world while marshaling the forces of good — acquiring fabulous wealth in the
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Val thor from venus according to frank stranges
August 20, 2021

Frank Stranges

Frank Stranges, UFO Politics, and Utopian Ideals The old song asked Which Side Are You On? For much of UFO history, the answer to this question has been defined through its connections to the right, from its alliances with the Patriot Movement to the current influences of QAnon conspiracies. Yet from the start there were other beliefs that were important. In particular the contactees offered a vision focused on world peace and a fundamentally different understanding. Frank Stranges wrote about that idealism
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If mark is right, trump controlled by space aliens
August 12, 2021

Kerry Cassidy Wonders

Kerry Cassidy Wonders So if DT has actually been the LEGIT PRESIDENT SINCE MARCH 2021… sworn in by the MILITARY… how MUCH LONGER IS THIS FARCE GOING TO CONTINUE?” – Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, August 11, 2021   That is a big “if.”  I might rephrase it for her. “If my delusions feel like they they should be true, how much longer will I be stuck in reality?” It reminds me of all the ancient astronaut and paranormal shows that begin with
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Katie griggs music video
August 6, 2021

Pastel QAnon and Guru Jagat

Pastel QAnon Before Guru Jagat’s (Katie Griggs) death, I had started work on a new page about the connections between Kerry, QAnon, and figures such as Jagat. In particular, I was curious about why someone who took on  the name or title of “guru” was being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy. Kerry does not normally engage in new age thinking unless there is a hook into her special world of conspiracies. This quote might provide an answer as to why Cassidy found common ground
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