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Inclusion - Gorightly Book
Inclusion and a Further link with notes of a Parallax podcast with Adam Gorightly and David Perkins. The excellent interview covers a number of topics from Gorightly’s book, Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius, that bear upon this site. Neither Mark Richards or Kerry Cassidy is mentioned, though. Was this an […]

Billionaires in Space

The Adventures of Mark Richards- Trump in Space
  Billionaires in space seems to be all the rage.  Were they proceeded by Obama and the Not-So-Secret Space Program? Are billionaires the future of space exploration?  While I considered that, for some reason, a 2020 interview with Jo Ann Richards came up that featured an image of Trump in space. While I have No Comment  […]

Juan Savin

Juan O Savin is Wrong - Spacecapn
  The predictions of Juan Savin continue to get wilder so that some on the right think he is an agent of some kind. I just think he has found a way to make a living and is running with it. Juan has been wrong about virtually anything of importance — Hillary was not arrested, […]

Awake and Aware

SpaceCapn - the Cassidy Rabbit Hole
  Kerry Cassidy‘s recent Awake and Aware conference featured Simon Parkes, who has a number of Mantids as family, lovers, or close friends. Although Simon Parkes’s appearance at Cassidy’s event was hardly unexpected, it left us with No Comment (or at least a short one). Parkes first gained attention when he stated that he was […]

Psychic Focus

SpaceCapn Blog - Psychic
  A Nearly Famous Quote by Psychic Focus Lynn is a worthy addition to our list. The full quote compares Mark to Corey Goode and Randy Cramer, who pale in comparison. Mark could not be controlled and told the government and “PTW” that the people had the right to know.  The others had been subject to […]

Venus Revisited – Travis Questioned

A Quick Stop at. Venus
Venus Revisited. Travis Questioned.  And Añjali – a new contactee – brings back the days of Vivenus and the Space People. “When I asked him where he was from, he replied, ‘I am from the Planet that is called Venus.’I asked him how many visitors from Venus were presently on Earth and he said, ‘There […]