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New to SpaceCapnMajor revisions with bonus comments.  The closest we have to a blog.

This site is an ongoing project and has been updated regularly. Most existing pages are now relatively finalized, but certain things are periodically added. New topics may be featured from time to time. This page identifies the more interesting changes made after June 21, 2021, with additional commentary and extra items.




  • June 27, 2021. We were considering various tales of space captains and were struck by the similarities of story lines between Captain Science and Captain Mark Richards. We provided an addition with only a small comment.

    Cat people

    As noted on the main page,  Mark met the cat people while fighting the Trogs on Vesta. In the comic, the cat people are from Phobos. We are not sure where Simon Parkes encountered them.


  • June 28, 2021. The Dreams of Kerry Cassidy (retitled) adds a link to an article by Jason Colavito exploring the connection with UFOs and right wing conspiracies. Kerry has gone far beyond the earlier interviews to embrace Trump, Melania, and fantasy about a restoration of the dynasty. We may return to that topic in future articles.  


  • June 29, 2011. There are added items to the No Comment page that might explain certain things related to either raptors or Kerry Cassidy. We also provided new information on the Quick Stop at Venus page relating to the USS Eldridge and claims by Richards involving the legendary Val Thor. As an added note, Mark says he met a woman from Val’s group. We wonder if it was either Jill or Vice Commander Teal. Perhaps we could get an introduction.

A Note From Kerry Cassidy has additional thoughts on Trump, with quotes highlighting changing positions taken by Mark over the years. Was Mark simply going along with Kerry? If Kerry truly believes Mark, does Melania’s role with the reptilians give her pause? Will Mark emerge as a voice of reason – or do Kerry’s recent articles simply make him appear to have been more reasonable than he ever was? 

Further features a new section about testing claims, including a link to an article by Jacques Vallee about how the Philadelphia Experiment establishes certain principles applicable to hoaxes. Vallee is controversial but he was right on with his criticism of the myths surrounding the experiment, to which of course Mark claims a family connection.

A Privacy Policy is added. 



  • July 10, 2021. A Quick Stop At Venus was just that. There was certainly many more Venusians that might have been mentioned. Val Thor is more famous, but we were compelled to give a nod to our other favorite Venusian. Vivenus was probably a better guitar player than Val but we wonder how she might have compared to Travis Walton.
    New and Improved Items on SpaceCapn
    Jimmy Church and Travis Walton (Twitter)

    For some of the odds and ends, we have started a Pinterest page.


  • July 21, 2021. We noticed that Kerry Cassidy ‘s Awake and Aware conference featured Simon Parkes, who has a number of Mantids as family, lovers, or close friends. Although his appearance at Cassidy’s event was hardly unexpected, it left us with No Comment (or a short one).

    After Kerry wrote that Parkes had inside information about a pardon by Trump, we tried to straighten out that basic misconception although it continued to spread on social media. At this point we wonder when has Simon Parkes ever been right – certainly not with any of the Q events that he peddles since Trump never cleaned up the deep state, released indictments against Hillary and others, or was restored to power – which probably makes him an ideal speaker for Project Camelot. Regardless, the event seems like it could be a Covid superspreader if people have followed Kerry’s advice about vaccinations and masks.







We added additional information about Val Thor’s quest for peace in a book co-written by Thor and Gray Barker. There are at least 20 books written by Thor or approved by him through forwards. Barker (New Saucerian Press) not surprisingly had his hand in most. Topics range from relationships to Mount Shasta or advice about how to cast out demons. It is quite the legacy. We hope Val got the royalties due him.

  • July 23, 2021. A new Nearly Famous Quote by Psychic Focus Lynn. The full quote goes on to compare Mark to Corey Goode and Randy Cramer, who pale in comparison. Another ringing endorsement! One commenter stated that a link was cut in a youtube video relating to the Mark Richards question, “so that should tell you something.” It does indeed.

Lynn on Mark Richards Lynn consistently gave Mark high marks. In another post she wrote: I still see that there is truth to his story, and during the interview he spoke from the heart. Not only is he sharing information, I hear the phrase that ‘he just doesn’t give a — anymore, and after what they have done, he will share everything.’ There is most definitely an angry and frustrated side to him.”

Since Mark trained with the Raptor Imperial Fleet, should he be concerned about Lynn’s statements about them? To her the raptors “look to be the most malicious in terms of ruthless behavior and trying to reclaim earth for their own interests.”  Corey Goode echoes this and warns that Raptors are incredibly dangerous.   What is Prince Naga trying to hide?


  • July 26, 2021. The predictions of people like Juan Savin continue to get wilder so that some on the right think he is an agent of some kind.  We just think he has found a way to make a living and is running with it.  We feel safe in our predictions that Trump will not be reinstated and Juan will not emerge as the real JFK, Jr.  But what happens when it all comes crashing down?









Our comments on the The Dreams of Kerry Cassidy  continue to evolve.  Kerry, Juan and others like them create a culture of fear.   But who can do better than this comment from the Project Camelot blog,  which is worthy of something that Anastasia might have written (see the links on Further ) :

Just listening to your talk with Rodriguez on JFK Jr !!  I want to add a couple more things that John Jr referred too!! He said that his friend Donald had a child with Diana!! In fact theres two children Baron and Sarah!! They are both now with Diana in England in a secure location!! He also said that there would be a Celebration Day in our country and England when everyone who has been hidden would come out to celebrate!! He named some people!! Michael Jackson Princess Diana  Elvis Presley  John Denver Marilyn Monroe and his mother!! And Rush Limbaugh who really is the lead singer of the famous Doors in disguise!!  By the way he also added that his father was alive up to the beginning of this year as well as Robert!! His father was given a medal of some kind from President Trump and he showed a picture of this !! Robert just passed away recently!! He made reference to it!! Something else I wanted to add to your investigation into Juan!! JohnJr showed a picture of himself with this very interesting tatoo on the side of his arm!! It has a significant meaning to it!! Just thought you might like to know what he conveyed!! –UNDISCLOSED VIEWER