Which Galactic Federation? Which Council? Which Prophet?


Aliens and the New World OrderDuring a recent interview, the convicted felon and serial fraudster Sean David Morton talked about one of his books in which humanity must fight against the Galactic Federation, which would keep us bound to this prison planet. Meanwhile he stated that there are at least two alien races that are our direct enemies.

The Galactic Federation - Asher
The internet sensation Añjali, offers a different view. She has announced an expedition to meet representatives of the Council in a desert tunnel and believes that they offer people a higher consciousness. For the purpose of this article the, differences between the Council and the Galactic Federation may be in name only.  

Other descriptions seem to equate the Federation with peaceful intentions and back Añjali’s view. Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief refers to the Galactic Federation and states that “they have been waiting until today for humanity to develop and reach a stage where we will understand, in general, what space and spaceships are.”

Then too there are the messages from Ashtar and the Galactic Federation that speak about peace and the new age.  It is a tradition that both Aura Raines and Aura Rhanes upholds.

It can get complicated. Sean Morton’s version of the Federation seems more in keeping with tales are of abduction and the Mark Richards stories.  Between the evil AI and world disasters, Morton’s stories ultimately takes us to where QAnon mixes with his own prophecies — both about the coming world and of course the fabulous wealth that is allegedly prophesied for him. The stories are a combination of personal aggrandizement and predictions about global tribulations. 

Añjali takes us back to the Space People, where world peace will be found by raising consciousness from the lower densities. She seems poised to assume assume her self-described role as a messenger or mouthpiece from the Council? At least she disavows that she is doing it for the money.

If Sean is right, Añjali has been duped like an old story from the Twilight Zone where the devil tried to fool people by luring them with false fronts depicting beautiful gardens. In that story, the hero was saved because dogs were not welcome by Satan.  Perhaps Añjali’s expedition should include a dog.

If Añjali is right, conspiracy fears might prevent us from ascending from the lower levels of consciousness. I may be too dense since I was never a good meditator, but I enjoy stories about the desert and the classical age of UFO contacts. That should count for something — especially if Aura Rhanes, Ashtar, or Orthon are invited to attend when the expedition enters the tunnel. They all have experience in the desert and should be welcomed.

Aura Rains, the Galactic Federation Council


ln either case, we enter the realms where religion mixes with science fiction. Even though they may come out of different sides of the equation, Morton and Añjali share fundamental things. They both ask us to accept their own grandiose visions. They are both at the center of their own creations.  Both are forms of escapism.

Perhaps we don’t need either cosmic conspiracies or help from the space beings to raise consciousness. If Añjali is in contact with other beings I would recommend that they start out smaller.  As I posted on Twitter:

I am not sure we need cosmic knowledge as much as a little help with the fires, a solution for climate change, and a message that we should get vaccinated and wear a mask. We can figure it out from there.

Similar thoughts might apply to Morton’s prophecies and failed predictions. We do not need a facade that purports to give a window into the future when there are immediate concerns that we know about in the present. Humanity already knows enough about what we face.