Kerry Cassidy . . .Again

Kerry Cassidy Again.


Kerry Cassidy again shows on Project Camelot that she is determined to prove that there is no conspiracy too far fetched for her to pass up. Her ability to recycle old conspiracies or create new ones is perhaps not that unusual in QAnon, but does anybody surpass her in the way she makes pronouncements?

 Only Kerry Cassidy . . . Again
Image: Southern Poverty Law Center

First, Cassidy reposts a false report (dated September 2) that there is  “Chinese Training at Camp Grayling – FEMA Camp Michigan.”  According to the report, the Chinese military crossed our northern border and are currently in Michigan at the behest of the United Nations. They allegedly are occupying Camp Grayling —  the camp supposedly was used during the Jade Helm training exercises to rehearse putting down an American insurrection against a foreign takeover of our government.  Kerry states “THIS IS NOT GOOD. . .  .”

I could agree with her if she if was writing that the fake news was not good, but I doubt this was her meaning. In 2015, the “Jade Helm” military exercises in Texas and other nearby states was seen as plot to bring in Chinese troops to establish martial law.  Alex Jones stated that HELM referred to Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. Although obviously that did not happen, nothing can keep a good conspiracy down.  

As to Camp Grayling, the only Chinese troops seen there have been Taiwanese who were part of training exercises last August. The camp is reported to be very quiet this past week, although it might have been hard to get Labor Day reservations at the camp’s RV park. Somehow, it is doubtful that the RVers were Chinese communists in disguise.

Kerry Cassidy Weather Weapon

Not to be outdone, Kerry also goes on to promote her own ideas about the latest moves to prevent a Trump restoration.

KEEP IN MIND… that HURRICANE IDA is a WEATHER WAR WEAPON RELEASED BY THE DEEP STATE CABAL to demonstrate that if the ELECTION RESULTS get released to the public they will unleash their fury… Hurricane Ida was their WARNING TO THE TRUMP TEAM.  A 911 FALSE FLAG WOULD BE THEIR NEXT MOVE…in theory.  

Kerry states that a Catholic visionary received a premonition that there will be a false flag on September 12.

Caveat:  I personally have not had any vision regarding the date 9.11 so far however it is clear that THE ELECTION RESULTS ARE IN and must be given to the PEOPLE… if Biden and team do not step down then (in theory) the Trump team will release the results.  THIS IS THE DEFINING MOMENT.  Which side will back down?  Where to we go from here?  And if Biden steps down and Trump is back in will they release the results anyway?  And how does any of this really prevent violence or civil war if the PEOPLE choose otherwise?

Will the cabal stop at nothing to somehow stop the Trump restoration? Since Cassidy has posited that the Miami condo collapse was a shot across the bow aimed at Trump, the hurricane would be at least the second warning given to the Trump Team. It seems certain, however, that a weather weapon does not account for Ida. Humanity as a whole has  created global climate changes that have led to increasingly severe results.

Trump did his best to contribute to this crisis — if there is a cabal it is one that includes the wealth, power, and blindness that the Trump administration epitomized. Make no mistake about it, his presidency represented the New World Order.

Kerry’s warnings about violence and civil war should be taken more seriously since they echo at least some QAnon thought, with the potential for new violence.  The normalization of conspiracy is a hallmark for insurrection. Given the refusal to recognize the election results and the impasse that Republican senators have created, Kerry’s question asking “where do we go from here” seems valid, although not in the way that she intended.  

Kerry Cassidy again . . . She believes that those who cannot accept her visions lack imagination. Too much imagination can be even more of a problem.



The Galactic Federation - Asher

Which Galactic Federation? Which Council? Which Prophet?


Aliens and the New World OrderDuring a recent interview, the convicted felon and serial fraudster Sean David Morton talked about one of his books in which humanity must fight against the Galactic Federation, which would keep us bound to this prison planet. Meanwhile he stated that there are at least two alien races that are our direct enemies.

The Galactic Federation - Asher
The internet sensation Añjali, offers a different view. She has announced an expedition to meet representatives of the Council in a desert tunnel and believes that they offer people a higher consciousness. For the purpose of this article the, differences between the Council and the Galactic Federation may be in name only.  

Other descriptions seem to equate the Federation with peaceful intentions and back Añjali’s view. Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief refers to the Galactic Federation and states that “they have been waiting until today for humanity to develop and reach a stage where we will understand, in general, what space and spaceships are.”

Then too there are the messages from Ashtar and the Galactic Federation that speak about peace and the new age.  It is a tradition that both Aura Raines and Aura Rhanes upholds.

It can get complicated. Sean Morton’s version of the Federation seems more in keeping with tales are of abduction and the Mark Richards stories.  Between the evil AI and world disasters, Morton’s stories ultimately takes us to where QAnon mixes with his own prophecies — both about the coming world and of course the fabulous wealth that is allegedly prophesied for him. The stories are a combination of personal aggrandizement and predictions about global tribulations. 

Añjali takes us back to the Space People, where world peace will be found by raising consciousness from the lower densities. She seems poised to assume assume her self-described role as a messenger or mouthpiece from the Council? At least she disavows that she is doing it for the money.

If Sean is right, Añjali has been duped like an old story from the Twilight Zone where the devil tried to fool people by luring them with false fronts depicting beautiful gardens. In that story, the hero was saved because dogs were not welcome by Satan.  Perhaps Añjali’s expedition should include a dog.

If Añjali is right, conspiracy fears might prevent us from ascending from the lower levels of consciousness. I may be too dense since I was never a good meditator, but I enjoy stories about the desert and the classical age of UFO contacts. That should count for something — especially if Aura Rhanes, Ashtar, or Orthon are invited to attend when the expedition enters the tunnel. They all have experience in the desert and should be welcomed.

Aura Rains, the Galactic Federation Council


ln either case, we enter the realms where religion mixes with science fiction. Even though they may come out of different sides of the equation, Morton and Añjali share fundamental things. They both ask us to accept their own grandiose visions. They are both at the center of their own creations.  Both are forms of escapism.

Perhaps we don’t need either cosmic conspiracies or help from the space beings to raise consciousness. If Añjali is in contact with other beings I would recommend that they start out smaller.  As I posted on Twitter:

I am not sure we need cosmic knowledge as much as a little help with the fires, a solution for climate change, and a message that we should get vaccinated and wear a mask. We can figure it out from there.

Similar thoughts might apply to Morton’s prophecies and failed predictions. We do not need a facade that purports to give a window into the future when there are immediate concerns that we know about in the present. Humanity already knows enough about what we face.  


Kerry and Sean Benefitting

Compassionate Release and Other Mysteries

Kerry and Sean Benefitting
In Happier Times

On August 27th, Kerry Cassidy interviewed Sean David Morton upon his release from federal custody. Morton stated that he had once received a prophecy while he was in India that he face prison and would go through a period of profound hardship.  He would then emerge and give light to the world while marshaling the forces of good — acquiring fabulous wealth in the process.  

Given Morton’s track record for dishonesty and fraud – including a civil judgment by the SEC and a prison sentence, I would not hold my breath waiting for this to happen or trust any method he has for gaining wealth. Somehow Morton’s own wealth seems to take precedence.  

There are some things we might agree with, including his opinion of George Noory and the treatment of prisoners, but whether his unified field theory offers a breakthrough or if he can remotely view the future are other matters.  

Morton cites a prophecy by the theosophist Madame Blavatsky that a Death Star will appear in the wing of a swan. He that that two supernovas have collided and will appear on June 1, 2022, as bright as the moon — astronomers have predicted that a binary star explosion in Cygnus may occur in 2022 (give or take a year) but we will hold him to the date. It will usher in a period of destruction. During the following years Pluto will cross into 27° Capricorn causing financial collapse as it repeatedly goes retrograde. AI and robots will be the dominant force as Pluto moves into Aquarius.  

According to Morton, Putin urged the United States to release information about aliens, including two races that are actively seeking to destroy us. In one of his books, we have joined the war against the galactic federation, which wants to imprison us on earth.  

Where are Mark Richards and Prince Naga when we need them?  

Although deconstructing Morton’s claims is beyond any article that I might consider, it is Kerry Cassidy’s statements about Mark Richards that are more immediate to this site. During a break in the interview while Sean took a call, Kerry stated:

We’re talking about political prisoners. Captain Mark Richards would have a saga of similar things happening to him. He has never been given compassionate release although he is well over 60 — actually closer to 70 now — so they should have already given him compassionate release. He is a political prisoner that they won’t let out because they don’t want him to talk to the people.

Juan O Savin and other people are aware of his case.  Word had come down from a reliable source [Simon Parkes – ed.] that the Trump administration was planning to release Mark Richards.  When that happens then you will get disclosure like you won’t believe — unless they make him a deal in which he says nothing.

As this site has explained, Trump had no constitutional power to pardon or release a state prisoner. He could not have released Mark under any scenario, which should call into question her reliable source.

It is also important to note that compassionate release is not available for prisoners such as Mark, who are serving a life sentence without parole. (Cal. Penal Code, §  3550.)  If Kerry is the journalist that she claims to be, she should have known that.

Perhaps more importantly, Cassidy’s assumptions could confuse listeners about the program and does no one — particularly prisoners — any good.  Mark’s age has nothing to do with it. Even if Mark was somehow made eligible for parole, release is rarely granted.  It is only available to prisoners who are terminally ill and have six month or less to live.  Even then it is usually denied. (See Compassionate Release Information, Prison Law Office.)  

Compassionate Release

If Mark is being held because the state does not want him to talk to the people, a life sentence is not an effective way to accomplish that.  He has given  13 interviews  with Cassidy and his wife has often spoken on his behalf. 

Trump Tarot
Image: TheGhoulishGarb

Kerry also gave a brief encapsulation of her QAnon beliefs and Trump.  She states that Trump has been pressured by the mob and “Jewish bankers” — billionaires — to change his mind about vaccinations.  He was blackmailed. Information about “pedos” in the government had been hidden in Miami, near where Ivanka lived, and suddenly it was destroyed in the building collapse. The collapse was a shot across the bow and a warning to Trump. According to Kerry, this is what Trump is fighting. 

After the Kennedy Assassination the white hats developed a code system based on the tarot and numerology — Kerry believes the tarot is better but “whatever works for you.”  It is how Trump communicates in code and signals without words.  Trump was sworn in by the military on September 13 but the Deep State has forced them to go to a roundabout way to show that the election was stolen.  

No comment is necessary since Kerry presents no basis for rational discussion.  But really, Jewish Bankers? Perhaps she is the one who needs compassionate release from something within, but in the meantime she again promised a Mark Richards book.

Val Thor from Venus according to Frank Stranges

Flying Saucer
Frank Stranges, UFO Politics, and Utopian Ideals.

The old labor song asked Which Side Are You On? For much of UFO history, the answer to this question has been defined through its connections to the right, from its alliances with the Patriot Movement to the current influences of QAnon conspiracies.

Yet from the start there were other beliefs that were important. In particular the contactees offered a vision focused on world peace and a fundamentally different understanding. Frank Stranges wrote about that idealism when he chronicled  Valiant Thor. His earlier writing, however, reflected more conservative ideas.

Frank Stranges - Report on Communism


Stranges was first concerned with the spread of communism. (Thanks to The UFO Trail for uncovering this image.) How did a report on communism change into Val’s message of peace?

Some of that answer might lie in the story itself. According to Stranges, Eisenhower reluctantly rejected the Venusians offer to help humanity because the economy and military power were more important. Yet, it was also Ike who later warned against the military industrial complex and stated that every dollar spent on the military meant that one less child would be fed.

If Stranges was right, perhaps Val influenced Eisenhower, although the real question might be whether Val influenced Stranges. Did he change after he began writing about Thor?  

The answer to that might be complicated.  Stranges wrote that the Venusians had never fallen from sin. Thor’s idealized world was far different than humanity’s struggles against darkness. Perhaps the difference meant that Stranges never had to reconcile how anticommunism fit into Val Thor’s message.  

Moreover, Stranges was first a minister and his ideology was based on that.  His wife writes that his faith was always central. 

For many years, fear of communism dominated much of politics. It was a time when even George Adamski attracted the attention of the FBI because the message of the Space People could have been mistaken for communism. It was not politics that was at issue, however. Those who believed in the utopian messages were looking for an answer outside that framework. Stranges sought to provide that.



If Mark is right, Trump controlled by Space Aliens

Flying SaucerSo if DT has actually been the LEGIT PRESIDENT SINCE MARCH 2021… sworn in by the MILITARY… how MUCH LONGER IS THIS FARCE GOING TO CONTINUE?”

– Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, August 11, 2021


That is a big “if.”  I might rephrase it for her. “If my delusions feel like they they should be true, how much longer will I be stuck in reality?”

It reminds me of all the Ancient Astronaut and paranormal shows that begin with “if it is true” and then get progressively speculative by adding, “then could it also be true” — which gives a show freedom to advance almost anything without regard to plausibility or consistency.

Although speculation can be a fun exercise, it should not be mistaken for a factual basis.  When a position is based solely on an “if,” how seriously should we take it?  

NoWhen you add dates to the various predictions about Restoration, it’s a sure fire mistake. Q posted that Hillary would be arrested in the fall of 2017. The Awake and Aware presenter Simon Parkes wrote in January that Trump supporters “should expect something anytime from tomorrow, Sunday forwards.” Juan Savin stated that Podesta would be arrested in December 2020, Hillary would follow, and Trump would be back by April 1, 2021. Mike Lindell, the Pillow Guy, picked August 13 for the restoration day.  

It does not matter that there is no constitutional means for Trump to be restored to power — the need to ignore the Constitution may be the intent of all the so-called constitutional patriots. If she understands that, the question Kerry is asking might be a call to another insurrection.

Given the many predictions, however, it is understandable that people are beginning to wonder about when Trump will return. Bill Ryan (Project Avalon) wrote earlier this year that he had not expected that it would take so long. While I do not understand why anyone would give the Big Lie even that much credence, certainly others must be thinking the same thing.

But claims of inside knowledge and setting dates are a risky business. For over 2000 years people have been unsuccessfully setting dates for the Second Coming and no one seems to have learned. We are now being told that something will happen soon to change Trump’s status — other than whether he is going to jail — but the dates continue to shift as prediction after prediction fails.

To paraphrase Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the Wind, how many times can someone get it wrong before their credibility is questioned? As I have posted, the  failed predictions will probably not dissuade anyone, but does Kerry’s post express at least some bewilderment? Perhaps she is simply getting impatient.

The real question is often not whether a mistake is made, but whether people will learn. Using recent history as a guide, probably not. Juan O Savin is sure to make another prediction that will give Kerry reason to believe.  

Still, premises matter and a factual basis alleviates any number of issues and disappointment. So as a favor to Kerry, this handy guide should help — feel free to print it for easy reference.

Mark Richards is not a Captain. Juan O Savin does not have insider knowledge. Trump is not president. Lindell’s “facts” were a made up fantasy.  

When used as a mantra, this guide should reduce any impatience when nothing happens.*

– A Public Service message from, updated 8/14.

























* Use as directed in conjunction with a dose of Mea Culpa. Not intended as a medical cure or for psychological treatment. Consult a physician in case of emergency.  Be sure to talk to a doctor about whether a Covid vaccination is right for you.










Katie Griggs Music Video


Flying Saucer“Guru Jagat,” one of the people recently linked to Pastel QAnon and Kerry Cassidy, died this past week.

Before her death, I had started work on a new page about the connections between Kerry, QAnon, and figures such as Jagat. In particular, I was curious about why someone named Guru Jagat (Katie Griggs) was being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy.  She does not normally engage in new age thinking.  This quote might provide an answer as to why Cassidy found common ground d with a guru:


“This spiritual or wellness scene as it stands has been hijacked by the woke agenda.”  – Katie Griggs / Guru Jagat.


Several sources discuss Griggs, Kerry, the rise of “Pastel QAnon” and “conspirituality.” In particular, an article from Vice drew my attention when it stated that she hosted talks with “the holocaust and AIDS denier David Icke, and the Trump loving, QAnon promoter Kerry Cassidy.” It has been said that you shall be known by the company you keep and this was remarkable company for any guru to keep.


Pastel QAnon - Jagat, Cassidy and Q


Although Griggs was concerned that wellness has been hijacked by those who have “woken,” a far more real concern is how the new age has been appropriated by factions of the extreme right. The people she presented are hardly woke.  She said that in her role as a presenter, people could decide what they believed about any guest. That, however, ignored her role in the group and the message that became an accepted part of her culture.

As guru, what she chose to present was important. Her own rhetoric started with hints about reptilians and alien race wars and over time conspiracy became much more central to her brand. It would be surprising if she had not been influenced by Cassidy’s  interviews with Captain Mark Richards. 

She was also controversial for defending Yogi Bhajan after credible sexual abuse allegations arose. In January, Griggs acknowledged that she had never met Bhajan.  The link between a tradition and her assumed spiritual name appeared to be tenuous at best. The closer one got to the group the more cultish it appeared and the more her cultural appropriation became apparent. As I commented on Twitter, be especially careful of anyone who gives themselves the name or title of Guru.

Unfortunately the alliance between Q and the new age is larger than either of the two that are discussed here. “Pastel QAnon” describes people who took their interest in alternative healing, yoga, and similar matters — combining it with anti-vaxx beliefs — and morphed into Q-Anon.  Indeed, the belief that everything is connected, nothing happens without a reason and nothing is as it appears, is ingrained into much of the new age.  It also can be an opening to conspiracy culture.  

The pastel packaging makes conspiracy culture  accessible in a very real way.  Becca Lewis states:

So much of this content is being disseminated by super popular accounts with absolutely mainstream aesthetics…. If you’re able to make this covetable, beautiful aesthetic and then attach these conspiracy theories to it, that normalizes the conspiracy theories in a very specific way that Instagram is particularly good for.

If you can trust people on Yoga practices, matters of design, aesthetic choices and the like, why not follow them into the world of Q?

Pastel QAnon finds alliances with the dreams of Kerry Cassidy and UFO beliefs — both of which find meaning through hidden information and have the ability to dismiss other reporting as false flags. That it may be tempered with the language of the new age does not make it any less of a challenge to democracy. 

Ultimately, a pastel Q is still Q. 

Inclusion - Gorightly Book

Inclusion - Gorightly Book

Flying SaucerInclusion and a Further link with notes of a Parallax podcast with Adam Gorightly and David Perkins.

The excellent interview covers a number of topics from Gorightly’s book, Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius, that bear upon this site.

Neither Mark Richards or Kerry Cassidy is mentioned, though. Was this an oversight or was there something else going on?  I had to wonder if they would feel left out. Here was a book that featured many of the major players and discusses the Dulce story that brought Mark much of his initial attention, yet his contribution to the mythos surrounding that was not mentioned.

What more could they do to warrant inclusion? Part of the problem might be that Mark had to rewrite the Dulce Story in his report to place himself at the center of the events, territory that Phil Schneider had already claimed. Schneider took the original story given to Paul Bennewitz and said that he was drawn into the firefight with aliens due to his role as a geological engineer at the base.  He did not mention a Delta Force raid led Mark and Ellis Richards. By the time Mark wrote his story it had already been revealed and was even further removed from the central characters.

Then, there is that murder . . . It’s not easy having to find relevance while serving a life sentence.   

As to Kerry Cassidy, she is at best an acquired taste who adds little substance in understanding the subjects presented by Gorightly. Although she has a following with Project Camelot and her conferences, she remains on the fringe and is not the main event for most people looking at ufology. 

Their absence is understandable. Still, it’s similar in a way to what many of us felt about certain government files. I never wanted to check them too carefully because if I did not get a mention, what more could I have done? I would have felt left out.  Perhaps it’s the same for them.



The Adventures of Mark Richards- Trump in Space


Flying SaucerBillionaires in space seems to be all the rage.  Were they proceeded by Obama and the Not-So-Secret Space Program?

Are billionaires the future of space exploration?  While I considered that, for some reason, a 2020 interview with Jo Ann Richards came up that featured an image of Trump in space. While I have No Comment  about that, I thought about how another president was said to be a participant in the Secret Space Program — although it was before he ran for office.  An actual picture of that would be far more interesting than the ways that Trump and Reagan have been portrayed in space   

Former write-in presidential candidate,  Andrew Basagio, stated that first met Barack Obama on Mars.  Basagio alleged that participants had been trained by the infamous Ed Dames, who taught them how to avoid Martian humanoids and predators. They used a “jump room” in El Segundo California, but it was very dangerous and tens thousands did not return.

Basagio stated that his trips to Mars took place from 1981 to 1983. During one of them, he was sitting on a wall beneath an arching roof that covered one of the jump room facilities as he watched Obama walk back from across the Martian terrain. When Obama saw Basagio he stated “Now we’re here!”  

The Obama White House denied the report.  Of course they denied it. The story was a bit of a let down.  Even a young Obama would have said something more interesting than exclaim that they were there.

The Adventures of Mark Richards- Trump and Billionaires in SpaceConsidering the current state of conspiracies, the story now seems rather quaint. A more modern right wing version might have Obama fighting on the side of the Dracos (the bad aliens) or using the secret space program to abduct children from pizza parlors and take them off world. [Pro tip: Kerry Cassidy take note.]

I almost expect someone to think that Donald is secretly going into space to defeat the Democrats and any number of evil forces. Why shouldn’t there be a Space Q conspiracy theory placing Donald at the center of the efforts? If Trump knew that Obama had been to Mars, he would have either canceled the program, or appointed Ivanka to oversee it while Donald Jr. figured out a way to profit.  The Trump brand would have expanded on Mars.  Any other result would not have interested him.

Where does that leave the billionaires?  I would not be surprised if someone concluded that Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson’s flights are a cover — billionaires battling aliens. It is probably a better reason than simply wanting astronaut wings.  A short flight did not give them much opportunity to come across aliens, but perhaps it was a start of something far more encompassing or a diversion to distract people from the real action — a false flag! [Another pro tip: Kerry Cassidy take note.]

If the space program is advanced as some claim, then their money is misspent. They should instead have beaten Trump to buy the rights to hotels on Mars and Venus — as long as we make peace with the local inhabitants and predators.  If Biden goes to Mars we will know what he is doing there.

I also wonder every time I hear the phrase “Secret Space Program.” After all that has been said about Gary McKinnon and Solar Warden . . . books by Dolan, Salla, and a host of others . . . John Lear . . . interviews with Kerry or George Noory . . .  all the self-identified whistleblowers including our own Captain Mark Richards — it clearly is no longer a secret. Those who use the term to identify themselves seem to want to increase their importance of being privy to secrets and adventures rather than offering something new. I was calling it the Formerly Secret Space Program but now the Not-So-Secret Space Program seems to work better.  Other suggestions are welcome.


Juan O Savin is Wrong - Spacecapn


Flying SaucerThe predictions of Juan Savin continue to get wilder so that some on the right think he is an agent of some kind. I just think he has found a way to make a living and is running with it.

Juan has been wrong about virtually anything of importance — Hillary was not arrested, Trump lost and was not reinstated by April 1. Yet, credibility does not seem to be a factor for many of his followers who accept anything as long as it confirms what they want to believe.  For myself, I feel safe in my own predictions that Trump will not be reinstated and he will not emerge as the real JFK, Jr.

Juan O Savin is Wrong - Spacecapn
What happens when it all comes crashing down?
As has been pointed out in reference to Mike Lindell (the pillow guy), probably nothing : “Nobody can argue with what you feel to be true.”  When feelings — and even apparent sincerity — are used to justify belief, rational understanding is pushed aside. 

Kerry has not been dissuaded by past failures and will move on to the next conspiracy — when prophecy fails, the failure itself is used to justify the belief. She embraces Mark because her  psychic discernment  tells her that it is true. The same might be true with “Juan O Savin.”

 Kerry, Juan and others like them create a culture of fear. But the Project Camelot blog offers what may be the best response.  In discussing Kerry’s interview with David Rodriguez this comment, which is worthy of something that Anastasia might have written (see the links on Further ).

Just listening to your talk with Rodriguez on JFK Jr!! I want to add a couple more things that John Jr referred too!! He said that his friend Donald had a child with Diana!! In fact theres two children Baron and Sarah!! They are both now with Diana in England in a secure location!! He also said that there would be a Celebration Day in our country and England when everyone who has been hidden would come out to celebrate!! He named some people!! Michael Jackson Princess Diana  Elvis Presley  John Denver Marilyn Monroe and his mother!! And Rush Limbaugh who really is the lead singer of the famous Doors in disguise!!  By the way he also added that his father was alive up to the beginning of this year as well as Robert!! His father was given a medal of some kind from President Trump and he showed a picture of this !! Robert just passed away recently!! He made reference to it!! Something else I wanted to add to your investigation into Juan!! JohnJr showed a picture of himself with this very interesting tatoo on the side of his arm!! It has a significant meaning to it!! Just thought you might like to know what he conveyed!! 

SpaceCapn - the Cassidy Rabbit Hole


Flying SaucerKerry Cassidy‘s recent Awake and Aware conference featured Simon Parkes, who has a number of Mantids as family, lovers, or close friends.

Although Simon Parkes’s appearance at Cassidy’s event was hardly unexpected, it left us with No Comment (or at least a short one). Parkes first gained attention when he stated that he was adopted as a baby by a 9ft tall, green alien.  She he was his ‘real, more important’ mother. Later, when he was 11, she took him on board her spacecraft and a deal was struck about contact between the two worlds.

SpaceCapn - Not Awake or Aware
Awake and Aware

Long before the election, Kerry wrote that Parkes had inside information about a pardon for Mark Richards by Trump. I tried to straighten out that  basic misconception  (including posts on Simon’s channel) although it spread on social media and Project Camelot. Despite whatever Simon’s contacts might have said, a president has no power under our Constitution to pardon a state president. Kerry’s letters to Trump or an online petition drive could not change this.

At this point I wonder when has Simon Parkes ever been right — certainly not with any of the Q events that he peddles.  Parkes became a sensation after the election and the January 6th insurrection when he claimed to have direct contact with “Q.”  He predicted that a counter-revolution and legal disclosure would end with Trump being installed for a second term as president.

Contrary to all of his supposed inside connections, Trump never cleaned up the deep state, indicted Hillary and others, released Mark Richards, or was restored to power — which probably makes him an ideal speaker for the Awake and Aware event.

Regardless, the conference seems like it could have been a Covid spreader if people followed Kerry Cassidy’s advice about vaccinations and masks.